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Bullet Point Review: KillZone 2 (PS3)

What I liked:

Graphics - I know liking the graphics in todays games is nothing new, but KZ2 looks really really good. There's one part in the game where you're fighting with a big mushroom cloud in the background, and I stopped and looked at it a few times because it was so real looking.

A.I. - You know how in most games when an enemy hides behind something like a low wall, all you usually have to do is wait for them to pop their head out? Well in KZ2 the baddies are alot smarter. When they take cover, they'll either throw a grenade at you, duck down low and fire from either end of the structure their hiding behind or they'll simply stick their gun up above their head and blind fire. You're never gonna be bored fighting these guys.

Sound - The sound effects in this game are amazing. I can only imagine what it would sound like in surround sound. Plus the music is top notch.

Grenades - In CoD4 when a grenade lands near you, the game gives you a little grenade icon telling you you better move. There is nothing like that in KZ2. You have to keep your eyes and ears open for incoming grenades, and I love that.

Multiplayer - Though aiming is still a disappointing fact, multiplayer is really solid both off-line and on. There is a nice variety of maps, plus, for those not wanting to hear the swearing kids that go with the online scene, the mulitplayer maps can also be played with bots filling in.

What I didn't like:

Aiming - To me, no matter how much I adjusted the sensitivity of the X and Y axis, the look controls felt way too floaty. I'm glad Guerilla Games had an option in there for us lefties, but why can't all developers of FPS's give us, the gamers, the option to button map? Is it really that hard an option to add in? Or, if you don't wanna give us the option, at least copy the controls from other games that do work, ie. Halo and CoD4. It's not really that hard is it?

Buddies - Your fellow space marines that you pal around with in KZ2 are really annoying. Rico, last seen in KZ1, is the worst. They really got on my nerves... in fact, if they went down in a fire fight I'd just leave them there wounded just so I wouldn't have to hear them. Plus, (and yes I was in the military myself so I know that soldiers swear everyother word) the swearing in KZ2 gets really old after awhile. Enough already. 

Vehicles - The vehicle segments in KZ2 are poor at best. Though you get to drive a mech (for like 5 mins), it makes me wonder why they even added vehicle segments to this game...they feel so tacked on.

Noise - Once again, just like in Gears, you get missions objectives given to you from other guys yelling them to you. The problem is, with all the gun fire, explosions etc. you really can't hear what the hell their saying.


Summary - Regardless of whether you were a fan of the original KillZone on PS2 (which I was) or not, if you're into FPS's, you're gonna enjoy KZ2. True the aiming controls take a while to get used to (which is why it's not a perfect game IMO... hopefully there will be a patch soon in order to fix them) , but once you do KZ2 offers a solid FPS experience. And hey, there's finally a jump button...but where are all the water coolers from the first KZ game?

All in all I give KillZone 2 (PS3) a 4.5 out of 5.


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