PS Move & Sharpshooter

#1 Posted by tsolless (481 posts) -

So, is anyone playing with the Move or the Sharpshooter?
I got the Sharpshooter yesterday and haven't had too much time to use it, but it is pretty fun. It was difficult getting used to the controls, but it feels pretty good. It is somewhat awkward holding it sitting down but not really  uncomfortable. Good accuracy though I'm not sure how much the game itself is helping you with that. Tons of customization for the sensitivity for it as well through Killzone so that is nice and I will have to play around with it. 
Overall, I say it will probably end up being worth the $100 I spent on everything (I got things on sale and with discounts, probably more likely to be $150 at regular prices). Anyone else using this?

#2 Posted by Zidd (1920 posts) -

I'm using just the PSMove and the nav controller and I think it works pretty well. I was going to get a sharpshooter but I canceled it.

#3 Posted by Afroman269 (7440 posts) -

It looked interesting but not enough to justify dropping that much cash to just play some games in a *unique* way. 

#4 Posted by Boiglenoight (599 posts) -

The Move is definitely worth it.  Superior to the gamepad in all ways save turning, but you get used to that and the accuracy you gain outweighs the drawback.

#5 Posted by Marcsman (3381 posts) -

It must be me then.  I found Move almost unplayable with KZ3. 
I am a klutz though.
#6 Posted by FavoritoBandito (171 posts) -

I found that playing with a move controller and dualshock 3 worked fine.  While it is the cheapest move related option to play Killzone 3, I still felt it was better than playing with just the dualshock.

#7 Posted by Boiglenoight (599 posts) -
@Marcsman said:
" It must be me then.  I found Move almost unplayable with KZ3. I am a klutz though. "
It feels retarded for a while, not unlike trying to play an FPS with a mouse and keyboard for the first time.  You spend a lot of time looking at the ground and the sky more than you intend.   Certain things give the Move a terrible edge, such as lock-on zoom targeting.  You can simply hold down the trigger on the Nav controller / Dualshock L2 and whenever an enemy comes into view, it automatically zooms on to the target.  At this point you can use the Move to adjust your aim (it doesn't auto-target, just puts you in the general vicinity) and headshots are much, much easier with this method compared to using the Dualshock alone.  The downside is that if more than one enemy comes around the corner, you'll find yourself zoomed in on one target but unable to see the other guy. 
I expect other FPSes from here on to provide similar control with the Move. It's just too good.
#8 Posted by Bloodgraiv3 (2729 posts) -

I tried it with move over at a friends house, I really liked it, but I still prefer the controller. 
#9 Posted by Punk1984 (595 posts) -

I've beaten the campaign with the dualshock and I was going to wait to pick up a navigation controller since holding the dualshock one handed feels awkward. I really liked the precision I was getting with the Move.

#10 Posted by Keeng (1017 posts) -

I vastly prefer the Move+Nav combo to the Dualshock 3 for this game. Once you get used to it, which for me took about three hours, you become crazy accurate. It feels like it adds a bit of immersion to the game and the controls require less thinking since you basically use three or four buttons. It's more...natural. Keep in mind that even if it was the best control scheme ever devised, it's still an entirely new controller at first. As keef mentioned above, it will be like the first time you switch to mouse and keyboard or maybe from D-pad to analog stick a decade ago. But it's a LOT better. I wish every shooter used the Move this way. I haven't tried the Sharpshooter yet but that's mostly because I can convince myself to buy an accessory that costs more than Red Dead Redemption until I at least have that game. I hear good things about it from friends, though.

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