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King Jingaling first appears to Banjo and Kazooie at the beggining of Banjo-Tooie, Banjo and Kazooie enter Jinjo Village and soon reach King Jingalings Throne Room. Jingaling tells them that Gruntilda, Blobbelda and Mingella scared of all of his entire village with Hag 1. Jingaling tells them that he needs them back, although he admits to enjoying it being quiet, he needs them back for a Kickball tournement coming up between the Jinjo's and the Moles. Jingaling gives them there first Jiggy which will allow them to open the first world to go and track down the Jinjo's. Unfortuntly him helping Banjo and Kazooie on there quest did not please Gruntilda, she blasted Jinjo's throne room with the B.O.B blaster, resulting in the life being zapped from Jingaling and his pink little friend Toots.  
Throughout Banjo and Kazooie's adventure you can go back anytime and go into King Jingalings Throne Room, when you enter you will find that the life has been sucked from the room. Instead of the inviting light and gold coloured room it has turned dark and grey, Toots was reduced to a pile of ash and King Jingaling himself has been turned into a Zombie. He is now up and slowly walking around his throne room, if you are not carefull he can hurt you aswell, if you go near him he lunges out at you. He will also utter some dialogue about the boss's of the game, for example he will say that he had gone fishing once with Lord Woo Fak Fak. 
Towards the end of the game when Banjo and Kazooie reach the B.O.B Blaster, they restore KIng Jingaling and Toots life force back again. A small cutscene shows that he is back to normal and is surronded by happy Jinjo's and Toots. After his life is restored Jingaling meets up with Klungo and they bust there way into Bottles house, and they start a celebration party in the restoration of himself and Bottles.  

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts

King Jingaling makes a apperance in Showdown Town in the pier section, he has opened his own Jinjo Bingo Parlor. Whenever Banjo and Kazooie complete a Jinjo challenge in the game they are given Jinjo Tokens, these are the tokens that Banjo and Kazooie use in Jinjo Bingo. The rewards are items like Musical Notes and Veichle Parts. Everytime you leave the Jinjo Bingo, Jingaling will talk about going into the Window Cleaning Buisness.

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