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Kingdom Hearts II

This is a better game than the last...... Kingdom hearts now involves new people and new characters like nobodies and the lion king......I have wanted to know whats up with anti Sora I mean he never comes out in the story and thats what i want to see the most.......I give this game a 5/5 because i know a game that i have been playing for over 200 hrs is a must get game(addicting)It is better than drugs!!!!


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    Great follow up to the first, improving upon its original concept 0

    If you haven't gotten this game, get it. Many of the flaws of the old game were fixed and what wasn't broken got a cementing and some new features to further richen the experience. It just feels like this generation's Final Fantasy VII in every way, save graphics and gameplay, the latter being better than the Playstation RPG. One of the most noticeable parts of the game is the gameplay. Like most Square Enix games, you'll embark on a perilous quest to in the end save the world. Along the way re...

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    Kingdom Hearts II was a good follow up. 0

    Don't let my review fool you, I did enjoy Kingdom Hearts II, but there was to much about it that annoyed me. They tried to make the game more complex, in the end it was still a button masher. The story was interesting, but it was completely slowed down by all the side worlds. The game was shorter than the first and not even as fun. I rarely had to use magic and I didn't even use a Summon once. The first game just had more charm overall and better boss battles. ----------Battle System----------...

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