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A long Awaited Return!!! 3

Dawwww, swinging on a flower petal!   My uncle got an early copy of this game and as a result of that it lead me and him playing the entire game together, me as Prince Fluff and let me tell you, this is one of the most entertaining, cute, adorable, fun, addicting I have played in years, I thought I was getting sick of gaming and needed a break from it, so I have toned down the amount of gaming I had done, who knows, everyone needs a breather. This game reminded me why I play games in the first ...

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This truly is what it feels like to be pants. 0

See that motherfucker right up there? That's motherfucking Kirby. And he's made up of motherfucking-cute-ass yarn! Do you also that Dragon Punch he just threw? That as well is made up of some bad guy, who also happens to be made of YARN! Get the picture?! EVERYTHING IS MADE UP FROM YARN AND FABRIC RELATED ITEMS! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!But seriously, how awesome is that? Kirby, everyone's favorite soul stealing vacuum of death and destruction is now coming from Micheal...

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Very inventive, cute, and fun 0

Kirby, Nintendo’s lovable pink puffball, stars in a game unlike any of his usual adventures in Kirby’s Epic Yarn. His trademarked ability to inhale enemies and steal their powers disappears when an evil magician transforms him into a string of yarn. It turns out this affliction isn’t without it’s perks, and Kirby is quick to take advantage during his stay in Patch Land.A second player can join Kirby for some cooperative fun as the newcomer Prince Fluff. You won’t need to worry about health, live...

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Try not to smile 0

There's a very good chance that Kirby's Epic Yarn is the most FUFFY WUFFY FLUFFY game I've ever played! If this game doesn't make you smile while playing it, you may be a replicant, or other synthetic lifeform lacking a heart or soul. When I first saw footage of it I just thought it looked interesting, but after a better look I marvel at the cleverness of its design and fun gameplay. If developer Good Feel hadn't made any games before Epic Yarn I would've been convinced that it was started spec...

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Smile like you mean it 0

 Kirby’s Epic Yarn is the game I want to throw back at the guys that used to make fun of my Nintendo 64 back in school. The big, machismo-fueled tough guys (that were guidoing it up well before Jersey Shore was a thing) that dismissed the Banjo Kazooies and Donkey Kong 64s of the world as too childish for people with a double-digit age. The people that would rather be playing the M-rated games the ESRB deemed them 7 years too young to play. Whose kids have gone on to become Halo’s underag...

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Channeling Childhood 1

Many gamers are cynical people. They develop notions of a game based on it's style, the team behind it or even the platform it is released on. Such may be the case for those who wish not to play Good Feel's "Kirby's Epic Yarn" for the Nintendo Wii. But if you find yourself able to put any pre-conceived notions about this game behind, you will find yourself transported back to a simpler time in your childhood, when playing games was all about having fun.  The first console platforming Kirby game ...

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Kirby's Epic Fail? 0

I'm a big fan of Kirby. I have been since I was 6 years old and played Kirby's Dream World for the first time on my Super Nintendo. I love sucking on my bad guys so that I can become their powers. I love to fly by puffing up my cheeks and then I go up. However I have a beef to pick with Kirby Epic Win. While it might be considered by some to be a cool game on it's own, It's just not a Kirby game!.  The gameplay is kind of confused. Normally in a Kirby game I can eat a dude and then that lets me ...

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The cutest little platformer you ever did see 0

Kirby’s Epic Yarn is the latest entry in Nintendo’s renewed love affair with the platformers of yesteryear combined with a modern twist. The game is a departure for the big N’s lovable but oft-neglected pink puff, eschewing the mechanics commonly found in a Kirby game for an all new set of abilities. The game’s visual style is its most-striking feature, basing its aesthetic on bits of fabric and string. The game’s charm is impossible to resist. The art evokes warm tingly feelings of childhood an...

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Epic Yarn is young at heart but mature in gameplay 0

Kirby's Epic Yarn takes a little while to warm up to if you're older but when you open up to the childish themes, it's easier to appreciate the fantastic platforming. When the game starts, you immediately feel the game overflowing with super cheerful, overly bubbly motifs indicated by the bright colors and happy piano music. It's hard to accept at first and you feel awkward, like Nintendo is trying to to treat you like a baby but it doesn't take away from the solid platforming and creative artwo...

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Review: Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii) 0

So, I was just about to head to the fabric store when I got a message from my friend Zeke; he said he wanted to come over to my place and hangout. I briefly popped in at the fabric shop and picked up some new patterns before taking the short walk to my apartment. When I got there, Zeke flew in, paid some compliments to my interior decoration and then pleasantly milled about the space. I decided this would be a great photo opportunity seeing as I just reupholstered my couch and carefully balanced...

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Kirby finally gets the Good-Feel story he (she?) deserves. 0

Kirby’s Epic Yarn is brimming with so much charm, elegance, and infatuation that it’s almost impossible not to like at least something the game offers. Because of this, there really isn’t a reason not to suggest the game to anyone of any age group. It unquestionably features a very kid-friendly presentation right down to the storybook introduction and the simplistic gameplay, but the game is designed so competently that its childish nature is something of a nonissue when all is said and done.For...

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When fresh ideas reign to reestablish a beloved genre. 1

 It's good to know that 2D platforming is still alive, Nintendo for quite a while decided to deny the awesomeness of this kind of game, ever since the Super Nintendo days were over, but a game that was fun will always be fun. With the Wii Nintendo realized it was unreasonable to go hand-to-hand against its competitors, because they'll always win, so a more simplistic approach was a great opportunity to bring back fun like we used to have. Kirby's Epic Yarn succeeds at that, it brings up-to-date ...

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Transcends the Platformer. 0

  When you first look at or play Epic Yarn assumptions begin to form about the type of game it is, especially if you're a long-time player. If you look at it, with its baby blue hues, diffuse pinks, and watery turquoise it appears to be made for very young children. If you play it, you understand that there are really no major obstacles in the game and you can't 'die'. At that point, you either decided that this game is not for you or you've dug a little deeper, perhaps out of appreciation...

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Touring the Fabric Countryside 0

      Feel Good really went all-out on the fabric motif.   The dreamy music that's likely to illicit warm feelings, the tender and nostalgic voice of the storybook narrator, the endearing patchwork style that works its way into nearly every part of the game – Kirby's Epic Yarn has detonated an atom bomb of adorable, and the only victims are our throats sore from making baby voices and cooing “Aww!” sounds. The stitched-together framework of the game never allows you to become complacent in your ...

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Average Game with Unique Visual Style 0

I am playing through this game with my 4 year old son. I'm about halfway through and it has gotten a little tough for him. That being said, I really have very little interest in finishing the game. While there is nothing particularly wrong with the game, I feel like I've played stuff like this a million times before. It does have some very unique visual elements, but the gameplay itself seems recycled a thousand times over. If you are a platformer junkie that just needs another fix, I'm sure thi...

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Not the return a true Kirby fan was hoping for. 0

Despite what YOU might think about Kirby, I have been a fan of the puff ball since his origins on the original Game Boy. The Adventure was my favorite of the games and I could play that one to 100% in a few hours I know it so well. I even bought it again when they rereleased it on GBA! Dedication! Though I have been less than excited about the more recent Kirby iterations, they have fallen a long way since those glory days you know. I did have a secret desire to see what this reimagining of Kirb...

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Get it. You'll like it. 0

 GOOD:  The super cute graphics will wow you and make you want to sit closer to your television. It's simple and fun. My 5 year old son was able to beat the final boss on his own, yet the mini games offer a challenge for advanced players. The gameplay is super-intuitive and, since there is practically no penalty for dying in the game, it's perfect for the whole family.  BAD: It's too short and the mini games aren't much fun.  CONCLUSION: This is the cutest and most fun $40 I ever spent. Go get...

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Epic? Nah. But still a lot of fun. 0

When a game doesn't allow you to actually die, it's already treading on dangerous territory. Unless the developers are smart with the game mechanics and can provide some form of challenge, that sort of game is invariably going to be irritatingly easy. But as far as game franchises go, the Kirby series is already very easy (it being aimed at kids), so there's no better formula to test the idea out on.Although, Kirby's Epic Yarn is hardly formulaic- in fact, there's little resemblance to prior Kir...

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