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Knights of the Round is a side-scrolling brawler - in the same genre as games like Final Fight - developed by Capcom in the early 1990s. The game is very loosely based on Arthurian legend. It follows the exploits the legendary King Arthur and two of his Knights of the Round Table, Percival and Lancelot, as they attempt to overthrow king Garibaldi and take his throne.

Knights of the Round plays virtually identically to its contemporary games. All three characters have an attack button and jump button.  Pressing the attack button several times performs powerful combination attacks, while pressing back attack allows the knights to block most incoming attacks.  By pressing both attack and jump at the same time, the knights will perform a powerful spinning attack which will knock back nearby enemies, at the expense of some of the hero's lifebar; however, the life in the lifebar could be replenished by eating a hearty helping of turkey which could be found in crates and other smashable objects.  Additionally, the knights can mount horses, which vastly increases their combat prowess.

Though the characters play very similarly, each knight has strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Arthur is the balanced character, with decent speed and strength.
  • Lancelot is a speedy character, with great maneuverability but less strength.
  • Percival is a large, slow character, who has very powerful attacks.

Knights of the Round did have a feature rarely seen in brawlers. As the knights dispatched enemies, they gained experience which increased their stats and made them more effective in combat. As each character leveled up, their appearance changed as well.  For instance, Percival starts the game with blond hair and a bare chest. As he levels up, he becomes bald, with much bulkier armor. 

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