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Kou Ichijo is a student attending school with the main character. He occasionally shows up outside of the social link, and appears to be friends with Yosuke Hanamura, aswell as his best friend Daisuke Nagase.

Social Link

The social link with Kou is initiated should the player choose to join the Basketball team at school, and will begin the Strength Arcana. The enthusiastic young man seems pleased when the Protagonist joins the team, and becomes the captain. After sometime, Kou decides that he doesn't want to continue being on the basketball team, and doesn't like his family name, and saying he found his name "Boring". It turns out that Kou's family is a very wealthy and influential family in Inaba, and his grandmother is the head of the house, and she does not approve of him being in the basketball team, saying he should become more active in the family.

After some time, Kou begins to tell the story about how he was adopted by his family. This raises some personal inner toil within Kou. While he is very grateful for this, but doesn't like the idea of being forced into a path he didn't choose. Kou stops going to practise eventually, but Daisuke has a plan to revive his passion by bringing in an opposing team to play against. Kou then searches for his real parents at the orphanage he grew up in, and finds out they are dead. Kou realises that the letter he got from the orphanage was infact a fake, written by the owner to make him feel better about himself and his family. With this love, and the friendship of Daisuke and the Protagonist, Kou realises he has shaped his own destiny, and become a man in his own right.

At the end of the social link, he tells his dream of  studying overseas, much to Daisukes shock.

After completing this social link, Kou gives the "Letter to Kou" to the main character, saying "He will take it back once he can stand on his own two feet". This also unlocks the ability to fuse Zaou-Gongen, of the Strength Arcana. 

The Strength Arcana


It is implied that he has a crush on Chie Satonaka.

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