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The Last Stand is a moment in which the player is designed to fail, usually for the purpose of advancing the story or highlighting a particular skill the player does not yet possess. Common examples include running out of ammunition against an opposing force or being surrounded by endless waves of unbeatable enemies. The moment is unique in that it is designed to be failed rather than beaten.

Other Concepts and Meanings

Some other meanings of the term may include a last stand performed by a force or unit within battle or as a people against uncertain odds. Such examples could be a race being driven back to a single location and fighting for survival, with nowhere else to retreat and no escape, the only option may be to fight regardless of odds of survival or to give up and face defeat.
In Call of Duty the term refers to a perk allowing the player to remain alive for a few more seconds after sustaining damage in a specific way, in which they may drag themselves along the floor while armed with a pistol in order to take another person down with them.

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