League Of Legends Discussion Thread

#1 Posted by menaceforever (7 posts) -

Has anyone else played LoL (funny). I only started playing yesterday but it looks pretty awesome. The gameplay is smooth, a nice variety of characters, and it's free. Does anyone have any tips on how to effectively use spells in battle though. I can never seem to stay alive when I use them. Feel free to talk about all things LoL here. Bye bye

#2 Posted by GunslingerPanda (5020 posts) -

Yeah, I started playing again recently.

#3 Posted by Dragon_Fire (375 posts) -

I have been playing, for about 8 months and it's been a blast. I just recently came back to it after a 2 and a half month break. I have been itching for getting into DOTA 2. (Sent my application for getting into the beta 2 days ago, hoping to get in.)

So what's everyone's favorite Champion/s?

#4 Posted by Ben_H (3549 posts) -

Err there's a dedicated forum for LoL
Anywho, I started playing it recently at after a coworker insisted I learn it to play with him. I hated it when I tried it a long time ago but I actually like it now. It isn't nearly as stressful as SC2 so after a busy day I feel like I can actually play it without being completely exhausted.  So far I've kinda stuck to the champ called Annie, the creepy little girl with the demonic teddy bear. Once you get the speed upgrades she is rather microable like a stalker from SC2 so I like that.  It's fun and is free so I can't complain. I only play with friends so I don't have to deal with the awful community much which from everything I've seen is a good thing.

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I'm actually just getting back into it after an 8-month hiatus. Used to play pretty regularly with a group of friends (voice chat with people you know makes all the difference), but most of them don't play anymore so...not as enjoyable as it used to be.

Sona's a lot better now, which is sweet.

#6 Posted by CheapPoison (786 posts) -

I used to play a lot with people over voice chat.

But there business model always bothered me to no end. So one day I uninstalled and I haven't looked back. The game is not bad, i just can't enjoy the game by the way they set it up, it makes them a ton of money so doubt they will ever change.

I'll stick with the other mobas. It is a great stepping stone though, it got me back into mobas after playing dota years back.

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Talon is awesome.

#8 Posted by Ulain (329 posts) -

@menaceforever: This post is a point pointless, to be honest.

http://www.giantbomb.com/league-of-legends/61-24024/any-tips-for-a-new-person-to-the-game/35-559644/? has already seemed to become the Tips thread. And like someone else said, there's the official forums for "all things LoL", it's obvious people will talk about it here in the League sub-forum :P

About spells though (usually called Abilities in game, which can help you figure out what some tooltips do when they mention Abilities). Depending on the champion you're using, you won't be able to really spam out your spells until you're past Level 10 or so (in-game, NOT your Summoner level). It's a bit lame instead of throwing out death every few seconds, but it usually helps ensure a VERY important part of the same: use your regular auto-attacks (called Basic Attacks in-game) to kill the minions. If you get the last hit on the minion (instead of your sides minions getting the kill) you will get gold.

As far as actual fights against other champions, it depends on the one you're playing. Some champions use their spells more often than others. There's over 100 champions in the same right now, so you may want to be more specific.

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