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Rock Band is back with LEGO, but does it stick? 11

It's easy to picture LEGO Rock Band from the title alone but it's much harder to understand how it came together. Someone might have lost a bet a long time ago, but for whatever reason we have lego characters and the Rock Band format coming together in one gaming package. A review could probably be summed up in a few simple questions. Do you like legos? Do you like Rock Band? Do you like the songs included on disk? However, there's a bit more going on beyond the obvious. While it's true this gam...

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Rock Band with all the LEGO charm 0

 LEGO Rock Band will be instantly familiar to anyone who's played Rock Band 2. From a distance, this game may look like a cheap cash-in. While evidence of this is apparent in small forms, LEGO Rock Band manages to be its own unique product. Traveler's Tales have found tremendous success with past properties, adding their own unique “LEGO humor”. This style of silliness returns in LEGO Rock Band without being distracting to actually playing the music. Trust me, this game totally abides...

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Lego Rock Band DS Review. 0

Lego Rock Band for the Nintendo DS. This is most definitely a game that I did not think was one I really would have enjoyed. I played the first two Guitar Hero games for the DS with that guitar attachment that came with it. I did not really like those games because the attachment was just not made for those of us out there with large hands, and mine felt like they were going to cramp up. Luckily Lego Rock Band for the DS forgoes that attachment and is controlled by using only the actual buttons...

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Lego Rock Band Review 0

After the labour of love that was The Beatles: Rock Band, Lego Rock Band looks like a bit of a quick, easy cash-in. But writing this instalment of the Rock Band series off would be doing it a disservice, as it improves on the base game with a few interesting new ideas.First, let’s get the obvious out of the way- yes, this is a Lego game. All of the usual Rock Band 2 art (such as the main menu octopus) as well as the note tracks, characters and virtual environments have been Lego-fied for your en...

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The Easiest Acheivements I ever slept through 0

Lego Rock band is the "family friendly" attempt at Rock Band, which is does rather well. I'm really confused with the fact that some of my more questionably adult DLC from the other Rock Bands are transferable but songs that have similar songs available by the same artist are restricted is beyond me. The story mode animations are done well, more of the same if you have played any of the other Lego games. The song selection that is included on the disc is rather repetative and boring with the exc...

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lego rock band 0

I love the game enjoying playing it so far love the fact you can win trophies along the way and unlock more stuff for rock band it totally grouse in my eyes I would recommand anyone into music games to get into Lego rock band plus if you already have guitar hero you can use the guitar from that one gonna buy the drums as well to add to it all to complete the band action here, already have the mic here also. ...

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This game is not for's for them 0

LEGO Rock Band is a strange mash-up of two venerable franchises.  On the one side, you have Rock Band, one of the seminal rhythm game series in existence with many excellent releases.  On the other side, you have LEGO, which has adapted numerous classic movie licenses into simple but memorable gaming experiences.  The combination of the two seems unusual in premise, and at first glance it proves awkward in practice.  The game is standard Rock Band mechanics, but with a LEGO theme for the charact...

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A Solid Game, But A Disappointing One 0

Given the ability of the team at Traveller’s Tales to take beloved franchises and overhaul them with a charming Lego aesthetic, and the success of Harmonix’s Rock Band franchise in recent years, Lego: Rock Band doesn’t seem like such a bad idea at first glance, unfortunately this instalment of the long-running rhythm game series fails to quite hit its mark.A familiar sight for Rock Band aficionados.At the base of Lego: Rock Band is what you know and love, it’s the classic Rock Band gameplay whic...

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