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High in the Sierra Madre Mountains, criminal mastermind Thorne Devereaux has set up an underground manufacturing plant to produce an incredibly explosive substance: code name - PAID (Particle Accelerated Incendiary Device). Only a protective coating keeps it from exploding on contact with air.  This compound is so unstable that an amount the size of a silver dollar could reduce a city block to smoldering ashes in seconds.

And speaking of dollars, Devereaux's plan is to circulate PAID-impregnated money, creating millions of monetary time bombs. When the coating wears off, a fiery blast would kill and  maim innocent citizens everywhere. The entire U.S. monetary system would be totally disrupted.

Your mission is to infiltrate Devereaux's underground complex. You must locate and disable the main processing machine. This will not be an ordinary mission, but then you are not an ordinary operative. You might encounter Thorne Devereaux himself. Make no mistake about it, his reign of terror must be stopped.

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