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National Pokedex No.
# 463  
 Licking Pokemon 
Type: Normal 
Abilities: Own Tempo or Oblivious 
Height: 5'07" 
Weight: 308.6 lbs 
They live in forests with lage bodys of water like there privies form. Also they tend lo lick everything or anyone for lefover crumbs of food. 

Evolutionary Line

 Lickilicky evolves from a Lickitung when it levels up knowing Rollout.

Pokedex Entry

Diamond/Pearl: It wraps things with its extensible tongue. Getting too close to it will leave you soaked with drool. 
Platinum: The long tongue its always soggy with slobber. The saliva contains a solvent that causes numbness. 
HeartGold: Its saliva can decompose anything. It wraps its long tongue around things to coat them with its sticky saliva. 
SoulSilver: It has space in its throat to store saliva. It can also roll up its tongue and store it in the same spot.

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