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Alien vs. Predator Arcade Game

Alien vs. Predator is a 1994 beat 'em up arcade game developed and distributed by Capcom. It was one in a line of crossovers of the Aliens and Predator franchises, though there was only one arcade game, and Capcom produced none of the console games. The heroine Linn Kurosawa featured in cameos in other games.

Character Description

The stereotypical fast-but-weak female character that is in present in many Capcom beat em ups, Linn has high attack speed and large combos, but has low health compared to the other characters. With air attacks, she can bounce off enemies which opens up extensive air combo abilities. Unusual for the genre, she has a charge attack which is activated by holding down the attack button for a few seconds. While she may not look like it, she is in actuality a cyborg. Lt. Linn Kurosawa ( リン・クロサワ) is the latest in cyborg technology. The product of ambitious Japanese corporations, Linn Kurosawa combines superhuman strength (although lesser than the Predator race), speed, familiarity with all types of weapons, and a prototype programming that gives her command over virtually all the martial arts ever created. She is especially adept in the Japanese sword art of Kendo, among other styles. She uses a katana blade as a personal defense weapon.

References and Cameos

Ken Stage SF A2
Linn & Major D. Schaeffer (Ken Stage SF A2 Art)

She appears in the background of Ken's SFA2 stage.

Ryu Stage (SF III)

On the subject of background appearances, both Chun-Li and Linn Kurosawa, are visible bathing in the far background of Ryu's New Generation and 2nd Impact stage. Eagle-eyed players will also spot a third figure, sat facing Chun-Li. Considering the hair, this could very well be Cammy; it's certainly too straight to be Tiffany Lords from Rival Schools.


Simone, character from Capcom's Cannon Spike. Is a cyborg with superhuman strength and works alongside Arthur. She is based upon Linn Kurosawa.

Capcom Bishōjo Senshi Comic Anthology

She also appears in the Capcom Bishōjo Senshi Comic Anthology.

Capcom Girls Group

Linn ( foot) appears in an official illustration , with other girls from capcom .

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