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Live-A-Live plays out over several chapters, each with a unique protagonist and subsequent story, and all set during different time periods.  For the final chapter, all of the characters from the previous chapters join forces to fight against Odio.  (To be noted, there are multiple translations of this game floating around, so the names used may not be exactly what you have in your translation.)

Prehistoric Chapter (Contact)

Pogo is the main character during this chapter, and is mostly apt to physical attacks and defense.  His best friend, Gori the ape, helps him save the lovely Beru from the dinosaur O-D-O (sound out each letter).

Bakumatsu Chapter (Secret Orders)

Set in a war-fraught Japan, the main protagonist is the ninja Oboro, a well rounded character in both defense and offense.  Along with a veritable carbon copy of himself named Circle, and a fellow prisoner, fight against a powerful tyrant named OdeIou (read Od-ei-ou).

Kung Fu Chapter (Inheritance)

The three main characters; Samo, Lei, and Yun, are all training under the Kung Fu master, Ro.  One day, their dojo is attacked by ninjas, which are led by the evil Odiwan Lee.  Two of Ro's apprentices are killed, and the remaining character helps Ro kill Odiwan Lee.

Old West Chapter (Wandering)

Sunset, the main protagonist during this chapter, is an outlaw running from a bounty hunter named Maddog.  After being jumped by a few members of the local gang called the Crazy Bunch and killing both of them, Sunset and Maddog team up to fight off the inevitable counter attack by the rest of the gang.  After a long fight, the leader of the Crazy bunch, O. Dio, attacks them. Sunset and Maddog both defeat O. Dio in the end.

Present Chapter (The Strongest)

During the present time, the main protagonist, Masaru, enters a tournament in order to learn many different techniques and become the best fighter in the world.  After several boss fights, the final fight between Masaru and the mysterious Odie Olbright begins to decide the world's strongest fighter.

Near Future Chapter (Flow)

There are three main characters during this time period: Taro, Akira, and Matsu.  Akira finds out that the government is trying to summon a god named Odeo by melting the people on earth.  Akira learns how to control a robot to fight against Odeo.

Science Fiction Chapter (Mechanical Heart)

The main protagonist is a weak character named Cube.  He only fights once during the whole chapter, allowing Captain Square, a video game character, to fight all of the enemies.  They discover that the computer entity 0D-10 is killing everyone.  He is defeated by the main character hacking the video game.

Medieval Chapter (King of Demons)

This chapter is unlocked after the player completes all the other chapters. It focuses on a knight named Oersted, who is tasked with rescuing the princess of the kingdom of Lucretia, who also happens to be his fiancee, from the clutches of the Demon Lord. Joining him include his best friend Straybow, a wizard; Hash, a knight who previously defeated the Demon Lord; and Uranus, a priest. Towards the end of the chapter, things take a turn for the worse, and a string of events causes Oersted to sacrifice his soul to become the next Demon Lord, renaming himself Odio in the process. 

Final Chapter

 This chapter is unlocked after the player completes the Medieval Chapter. There are four ways this chapter plays out, depending on which character the player chooses to be the protagonist and a number of different variables.

If you pick one of the characters from the initial 7 chapters

 If the player chooses one of the characters from the initial 7 chapters, then the story revolves around that character recruiting the other 6 characters to fight Odio, although you can only take 3 of them into a party with you. This route is arguably the lightest on plot, as the entire chapter consists of running around Lucretia in a dream-like state and looking for characters to recruit. Despite this, there is plenty to do in this chapter; on top of finding each character and recruiting them to form your dream party, you can also opt to explore unique dungeons based on each character to obtain their ultimate weapon. These dungeons can actually be quite long, and most of them also require you to utilize character specialties to clear (ie: in Akira's dungeon, you must use his mind reading ability to progress through the dungeon). In addition to ultimate weapons for each character, there are secret bosses you can defeat for a set of the ultimate armor; each boss nets you a single piece. Once you build up your team to your liking, you set out to destroy Odio. 

If you LOSE to Odio

If you lose to Odio's final form, then you get the bad ending, where he simply destroys everything. 

If you beat Odio AND said "Yes" to his final request

If you beat Odio's final form and said "Yes" to his final request, then you'll be thrown into a battle with a defeated (read: pathetically easy) Oersted. Simply defeat him and you'll get one of the many "bad" endings. 

If you beat Odio AND recruit every character at least once AND said "No" to his final request  

If you fulfill each of these requirements, then Oersted will attack each protagonist with with their respective "Odio" form (ie: he'll attack Cube in his 0D-10 form, Sunset in his O. Dio form, etc.). At this point in the game, you'll have to defeat each boss with their respective character, alone. Doing so will net you the best ending in the game. 

If you choose Oersted as your final character

If you choose Oersted as your final character, then the story will pick up immediately after the conclusion of the Medieval chapter. All you do in this chapter is transform into the different forms of Odio and take on the all the protagonists at the end of their chapters. 

If you defeat all the protagonists

If you defeat all the protagonists, then you'll get one of the "bad" endings, in which Oersted wanders around an empty Lucretia as the credits roll. 

If you come close to losing to one of the protagonists

In the event that your HP hits a certain point in any of the fights against the protagonists, your "run" command in the battle menu gets replaced by an infinitely better option: Armageddon. If you choose this option, then you literally wipe each protagonist off the face of the earth, earning you the worst (or best) ending in the game.

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