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The LocoRocos used to live peacefully on their planet with the Mui Muis. That was until the Moja troops came and took over their planet. Your job is to find and eat as many berries as you can. These berries will make your LocoRoco increase in size. There are 20 berries on each level. There are also Mui Muis and Pickories scattered around the levels.


Your LocoRoco. It starts off yellow, but you will be able to find more of different colors.
In LocoRoco, you enter a level with one LocoRoco, and you must take him from one end of the level to the other by tilting the world. This is done by either tilting it left or right using the L and R buttons. Pressing both buttons at the same time makes your LocoRoco jump. Throughout the level there are 20 cherry-like seeds which you must collect. After your LocoRoco eats one, you get an extra LocoRoco.

There are also secret spots which hide the cherry-like seeds as well as little creatures called Mui Muis. Mui Muis are these little black creatures that generally serve no purpose in the game other than being your guide; obtaining them, however, isn't easy. Sometimes you'll run into a wall which will only come down if you have a specific amount of LocoRocos. Also, throughout the level are little pink berries known as Pickories. You can collect them and use them as cash when you want to play a minigame.
These creatures will suck up your LocoRoco, decreasing your Loco amount.

Throughout the level, there will be creatures to fight which is simply done by jumping on top of them or jumping under them. There are several creatures in the game that will do harm to your LocoRoco if you do not kill them or avoid them. Some will suck out one LocoRoco and you won't be able to get that one back unless you restart the level. Other creatures will simply attack you and you'll have a short amount of time to get back your LocoRoco before it disappears. Luckily there isn't a specific amount of LocoRocos you need to finish the level, but there will be some obstacles in front of you that can only be cleared if you have a specific amount.

There are 4 minigames to play in such as:

Loco House - Here you have a house and you can design it however you want and let your Loco Roco run around the house. There will also be little blue balls for you to collect which are things that can be added to your house. You can also collect those balls in the story mode by finding Mui-Muis.

The Loco House.
Mui Mui Crane - In this minigame, it's a similar game you may have seen at the mall or at the arcade section of the movies. You simply have a crane and you have to collect different colored pieces which, just like the blue ball, have items that can be placed in the Loco House.

Chuppa Chuppa - In the game, you'll encounter a creature called Chuppa Chuppa's. They won't do any damage to your LocoRoco. Instead what they'll do is they'll suck in your LocoRoco once you hit them and tilt back and forth, almost like a cannon. Then you must hit both L and R and your LocoRoco will be flying. In this game, you must time how hard you should shoot your LocoRoco in order to get from one point to another without getting hit by these little spiky creatures.

Loco Editor - You can basically use the parts you've collected throughout the whole game and edit your own level.

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