This is the stupidest game I have ever seen

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Does anyone own this? Have you played it?

...why does this exist

#2 Posted by oldenglishC (1114 posts) -

Thanks to you and your stupid video, I am now ten dollars poorer.

How could I not immediately Amazon a copy of this?

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Worse exists, I assure you. I just need to go find it.

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I don't what you're talking about. This is the best argument for games as art.

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I have a vague memory of Jeff & Ryan (& maybe Alex?) doing a video of this for Gamespot when it came out.

#7 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

That game would be dope with a DDR mat.

#8 Posted by TheSquarePear (243 posts) -

Wasn't the San Andreas minigame of this part of a story mission?
More proof that Rockstar is imperfect.

#9 Posted by spiceninja (3150 posts) -

I love Classic Game Room. Mark is a master of dry humor.

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Lowriders are chigon man! You should have been around Cali in the 90's. Shit was pop'en.

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