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Lunar Jetman was the Sequel to the the popular ZX Spectrum game Jetpac. Much like the original, the game's protagonist, Jetman, has to defend the moon from attack as well as bomb alien bases that are scattered through-out the landscape. Each base must be destroyed within a certain time period or two large missles were released - one headed towards the Earth, the other to destroy the player.

That's gotta hurt!

In addition to the titular jetpac, Jetman can also use an armoured moon buggy to drive along the moons surface, although, as it could not drive over crators, the player was required to "fill-in" the holes with bridging equipment. A canon could also be mounted to the front of the buggy for extra firepower. Teleport pods were also located on the surface, which allowed Jetman to more quickly traverse the moon. Additionally he must also worry about running out of fuel which can only be refilled by touching the rover.

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