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Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven was released for PC in 2002, it was later ported to the Xbox and PlayStation 2. In the game the player will be put in the shoes of Thomas "Tommy" Angelo, a cab driver turned gangster. The game is set in the American depression period, ranging from the 1930 to 1938, with the epilogue taking place in 1951. It tells the story and events surrounding Tommy Angelo and his rise to power in the criminal organization known as Mafia. Lost Heaven is the city the game is set in, it is based on New York and Chicago of the 30's era, the vehicles, fashion and music are all from the same period. The city of Lost Heaven is divided into several districts, the player will have the opportunity to visit and explore each area while driving more than 30 vehicles, the player may also choose from a wide variety of weapons, that range from simple revolvers to grenades and the classic Thompson sub-machine gun or Tommy gun. The game features several modes, the main story mode in which the player may playthrough the events of the game. Free Ride mode, in which the player can kill members of the rival mafia family, thus earning money to buy weapons, ammo, fuel and cars, the player is not restricted by any standard. Finally Free Ride Extreme is a mode in which the player may complete "over the top" missions, that involve driving car with extremely high fuel consumption from one end of the city to another, driving the slowest car imaginable across a bridge bombarded by a zeppelin or chasing down and killing a man who runs faster than most cars. Oh, and he also only wears his underpants. Rewards for completing these missions are usually unique cars that can't be seen in other modes.


Mafia's plot is told in a nonlinear fashion, reverse chronology is used, which means that the beginning of the game's events start from a later point, and are later reverted to the actual beginning. The game follows the life of mafioso Thomas "Tommy" Angelo, and his rise through the ranks of the Mafia family Salieri. The game's story is told by Tommy who is talking to Norman, a police detective, the games narrative switches back between 1938 and the time of events Tommy is speaking off. The epilogue is set in 1951. After some missions an intermezzo will start (which is a sort of an interlude), there are a total of 4 of these cinematics in the game, in them Norman and Tommy discuss his role in the Mafia, its laws and nature as well as many other things, every intermezzo takes place in 1938.


Norman on the left and Tommy to the right

The game starts off in 1938, with Thomas "Tommy" Angelo taking a seat in a restaurant opposite a Lost Heaven police detective, Norman. Tommy says that he is a member of a powerful, and not so legal organization, and that he doesn't want to be associated with this organization anymore. The reason being that his life is in danger, and that he has a wife and daughter. Tommy offers his testimony against the mafia and his boss Don Salieri, Norman is surprised to hear Salieri's name as he is a very powerful man, the mafia don of the Salieri family, for whom Tommy has worked for 8 years. Norman is skeptical, he says that he "ain't Santa Claus", he'll need to know everything Tommy knows if he is to go to the police chief, and so, Tommy starts telling the tale of how he got into the mob and how he climbed the ranks.

Tommy was a cab driver in 1930, but due to uncontrolled events he was forced into joining the ranks of the mafia. He joined the Salieri family, whose notable members are Don Salieri, Consigliere (or counselor) Frank, soldiers Sam and Paulie, Ralph the mechanic and Vincenzo who provides weapons. Salieri was at odds with Morello, their rivalry would later turn into a full blown war between the two crime families. Tommy started off at the bottom of the ladder, doing small, but nonetheless dangerous errands, like destroying three of Morrelo's cars that were parked behind his bar. This was a sort of test, after which Tommy officially became a member of the Salieri crime family.

Tommy and Sam being held at gunpoint

The next, more testing task involves taking extortion money from two restaurants and a motel. As Frank explains it, many criminals prey on small businesses, but not the Salieris, Sam and Paulie often deal with people who make trouble for the businesses they protect. Tommy visits Ralph for some wheels and Vincenzo for some weapons after which Sam, Paulie and Tommy proceed to the restaurants and later on to the countryside, where the motel is located. Sam and Paulie enter the motel, unfortunately they run into trouble. Paulie exits the hotel, wounded, saying that they were attacked by Morello's men, and that they plan to beat Sam for information, Tommy must rescue Sam. After a firefight with several gangsters Tommy rescues Sam, only to be stopped by a man who has their money, the man leaves the building and Sam urges Tommy to go after him. After the man is caught Sam and Paulie are taken to the doctor who takes care of Salieri's men, and its not like he ever asked questions.

At this point Intermezzo One starts, the narrative switches back to 1938, and Tommy continues to speak with Norman: "That's how i got into it, one minute a regular cabbie, the next a respected Mafioso."

Norman asks how Tommy didn't have a problem with killing, as usually, people have a problem with that. Tommy explains that he didn't have a thirst for blood, he says how the other gangsters wanted to outsmart them, so they in turn had to outsmart rival gangsters, it was just business. Tommy also explains how it was different being part of a mafia family, it was different than being all alone, a nobody, he was respected then, people knew that he could help them, they also knew he could destroy their lives. Norman than asks how he could simply walk away from that massacre, what about the police? Tommy continues, saying that the Salieri family controlled Lost Heaven, they made a profit of over 25 million dollars per year: "The papers were full of it, but nobody saw nothing, if they wanted to stay alive." Many of the cities officials would get booze at a discount as well as many other services, cops would sometimes even bring in booze for the mob themselves. Finally, Tommy explains the nature of a don, and why a person becomes one. It's because of their thirst for power, their desire to be independent of the state, the law, the desire to be independent of everyone but their own rules.

Tommy receiving his trophy for first place

Now the narrative focuses on 1932, and Tommy is given the job of stealing a top level racing car that came in from Europe, and taking it to Lucas "Luca" Bertone, a mechanic who will temper with the car declining its performance. The racing car would have posed a threat to another driver who Salieri and a lot of people from the neighborhood bet on. The next morning Frank will call Tommy from the racing track, saying that the driver's arm was broken by some thug, and that he needs to drive the car, Tommy reluctantly accepts and drives to the racing track. Once there he must talk to Frank, who tells him that if he loses this race, a lot of people, including Don Salieri will lose a lot of money, and all the respect and trust Salieri built up with those people would be destroyed. Tommy drives in the race and arrives in first place after 5 laps. He receives a trophy and much recognition and respect later in the bar. The racing mission became quite infamous for its unforgiving nature, which caused frustration among many players. The difficulty had to be decreased in later version of the game.

Trouble in the alleyway

Some time after the events of the racing episode, Luigi the bartender and cook of Salieri's bar asks Tom to escort his daughter, Sarah, to her apartment, as there were hoodlums about that were harassing her yesterday. Tommy accepts, and on the way to Sarah's apartment they run into the same hoodlums, a fight breaks out and after Tommy beats them to a pulp, he and Sarah continue on their way. Once at the apartment, Sarah looks over Tommy's wounds, and brings him a drink, after which Tommy sleeps with Sarah.

Tommy hesitating to shoot

The following day, Tommy, Paulie, Sam, Frank and Salieri are in the back room of the bar, discussing what should be done about the hoodlums. Salieri is angry that such actions were allowed in his territory and he regrets that Luigi didn't come to him in the first place. Paulie is likewise very angry, he describes the violent actions he would commit if he was near the hoodlums, Salieri tells him to calm down, and that "nobody is killing anybody", Salieri continues, saying that he wants the hoodlums beat up, he wants them to have to use wheelchairs for the rest of their lives, he wants children to laugh at their busted faces. Tom and Paulie take weapons from Vincenzo, and a car from Ralphie, after which they drive to Chinatown and talk to Big Biff, an informant working for the Salieri crime family. He reveals the location of the hoodlums. Tom and Paulie then proceed to the location where they beat up all the hoodlums, later on they are met by hoodlums who are carrying guns at which point they will have to kill them all. The leaders manage to get into a car and drive away but Tom and Paulie give chase, the hoodlums car appears to crash, one of them appears to be dead, but is actually unconscious, the other is bloodied and as Tommy takes out his Colt 1911, he raises his arms in a begging fashion, Tommy hesitates, thinking of what Sarah, or his mother would say if they could see him. Before he could actually take the shot Paulie shoots at the young man, killing him, as he attempts to shoot the unconscious one he finds that he is out of ammo, then says that he is done for anyway.

Tommy jumping from the top floor of the hotel

The next day Tommy talks with Frank about the effects of his and Paulie's rampage, as it turns out they killed the son of the councilman. The councilman is a very important politician, who has connections with the police chief, the mayor, the district attorney and lastly Morello himself. Tommy dismisses this as nobody knows who killed him, but unfortunately, the person who was sitting next to Billy, was not dead, but merely unconscious, though luckily, he didn't see either Tommy or Paulie. Frank comes to the point of him meeting with Tommy, Tommy has to kill a hotel manager in public (the hotel is also a high class brothel), as a warning for all those who are thinking of betraying Salieri or siding with Morello, he must also blow up the manager's office that is located somewhere on the top floor of the hotel. And finally, kill a prostitute that is staying there, who has unknowingly given information to Morello's men, that led to the death of several people and many people losing money. Tommy is hesitant of killing a women, but accepts, when Frank gives him her picture Tommy comments: "She's cute, and she looks familiar." Once Tommy is at the hotel/brothel, he must find the manager and kill him, after which he has to find the prostitute and kill her, but as it turns out he had already met her before, on the night of him wining the race. She explains that all she wanted was to save her brother, and that she didn't know anybody would get hurt. Tommy, feeling sorry for her, tells her to leave town and never return, in Lost Heaven she's dead. Finally, Tommy goes to the managers office and plants a bomb, in the next 5 seconds he runs to a nearby window, jumping through it to the roof of a nearby building.

Tommy and the priest speaking in the aftermath of the shootout

From the roof of the next building Tommy must escape the cops who are pursuing him, by running over the rooftops of the buildings and jumping from one to another, finally he reaches a roof opposite a church, there he uses a ladder to cross to the other side. Unfortunately, this is the same church where Billy's funeral is taking place, Tommy goes down a flight of stairs to the main floor of the church, where the pries is giving a speech about Billy, saying how he did a lot of good in his short life on this earth, then he invites Billy's unnamed friend to say a few words, and the priest goes to the very room where Tommy is hiding. The alarmed priest asks Tommy what he is doing there, and unfortunately, Billy's friend spots Tommy and identifies him as the shooter, the councilman's bodyguards take out their weapons and a firefight ensues. After the fight, with dozens of thugs dead, the priest comes out of hiding, and begins to speak with Tommy. He asks him how he could do such a thing, how the men he has killed could have done more with their lives, but Tommy justifies himself by saying that the men he killed were cheats, murderers, and that the one laying in the casket tried to rape Sarah, he continues by saying that a lot of people will lead easier lives because these men are dead, and that maybe God wanted it this way. The priest somewhat agrees, saying that God works in mysterious ways, but then realizes the damage done to the church and panics. Tommy takes out a large wad of money offering it to the priest, saying that perhaps that would help, the priest hesitantly accepts, and as they part Tommy asks of him to pray for his soul, to which the priest responds: "I will my son, I certainly will."

After this mission Intermezzo 2 takes place. Norman expresses his disbelief at how Tommy was able to simply walk away from these events, bombing a hotel, killing several policemen and bodyguards not to mention killing the councilman's son. Tommy responds by saying: "By now it was really bad, Billy's pop, the councilman wasn't to happy with us, and he was in bed with Morello, he wouldn't have gotten his seat if not for the mafia. The councilman's began to mobilize the police, and Morello saw his best opportunity to take out his rival, so Salieri had both Morello and the police against him. Norman, is skeptical forcing Tommy to explain, both sides would have gained from this alliance, the police would look good in the fight against crime while at the same time receive fat payoffs from Morello and Morello could take out his chief competitor, Salieri lost a bundle due to Morello and the police working together. On a personal level Tommy wasn't doing too good either, the killing was taking its toll on him, and to him, it didn't seem like there was much point to anything, which is why he thought that he should enjoy life to the fullest, when its so easy to loose it, he follows up by saying that perhaps that is the reason behind his and Paulie's drinking. "My life was a trail of murders, crime and alcohol. if it wasn't for Frank, i would have ended up worse, it was weird, but suddenly he wanted to help."

Gangsters trying to steal the shipment of booze from Tommy

After the second intermezzo the game reverts back to 1933, at this time Frank tasked Tommy to go to the countryside with Paulie and Sam, to pick up some Canadian liquor, as this was shortly before the end of prohibition, the mafia would still be able to make a huge profit from selling alcohol. Tommy has to drive to Salieri's warehouse and meet up with Paulie, there he learns that Sam and a couple of the boys are already waiting for them in the countryside, during the drive there Tommy and Paulie have a conversation about Sarah, Tommy says that he doesn't want to endanger her and that he can't see himself coming home and saying: "Hey Sarah, guess what i just killed a bunch of people at work today." Paulie doesn't find this funny, and tells him that he can't bring the job home. Once at the countryside Sam and the guys fail to show up, and Tommy has to see if something is wrong, on the way to the back of the farm, he finds the driver, and as he opens the door to the truck the driver falls out, he has been killed by Morello's men who soon show themselves. Tommy asks them if they're cops, to which the man say, that Morello and the police chief send their regards, and that they'll be taking over the business here. A firefight breaks out and Tom must make his way back to Paulie, the way is filled with gangsters. Once Tommy is back at the start, he says he couldn't find Sam, though the barn door was locked, so its possible that Sam is in there. Paulie finds a crowbar and they open the barn door to find more gangsters waiting for them, after they are dealt with Sam is found on the attic, beaten up, he can't stand so Paulie will have to bring the truck to the barn, unfortunately, meanwhile cops show up who will try to kill Tommy and Sam. Once Paulie brings back the truck he asks if they are alright, Sam is put in the back of the truck next to the crates, at that point some gangsters give chase in 3 cars, Tommy is given a gun and he climbs into the back of the truck, as they progress its his job to shoot anyone that follows them. Finally, they make it to the city and Sam is taken to a doctor.

Frank's grave, although Frank isn't actually in it

Some time after, Tommy is in the backroom of the bar, speaking with Salieri. He explains that the events in the countryside is the worst disaster they faced. They lost a dozen of members, the booze and it means war with both the police and Morello. To make matters worse, Frank, the consiglieri turned state's witness, he has given the prosecutor some very incriminating account books. While Sam and Paulie are out taking care of witnesses, Tommy will have to find Frank and kill him, as he broke the vow of silence every mafioso takes, the omerta. Tommy is surprised and disheartened, and he questions why Frank would do this, or if he did indeed do it. Salieri says that everything he has he built with Frank, but that Frank has betrayed them, and that he broke the omerta. Tommy goes to Vincenzo, where he learns some Sicilian traditions, he is given a sawed off shotgun, which in the old country is called lupara. It is used almost exclusively for the purpose of vendetta. Vincenzo also expresses his lament for Frank. Finally, Tom must go to Ralph for a car, then he must go to Big Biff, the informant Tom has already met, to find if he knows anything about where Frank is being kept. Big Biff unfortunately doesn't know anything but points Tommy to Tony, who is also an informant. Tony is loitering downtown, and he, like Big Biff, doesn't know where Frank is, but he points Tommy to the direction of a man who does, Idiot Joe.

Idiot Joe is spending his time beneath Giuliano bridge. Tom will have to beat him up for the information as Joe lives up to his nickname. Finally, Tommy finds out that Frank is in Oakwood opposite some tennis courts, once there Tom will have to follow an armored car in which Frank is in to the airport. Once there he will have to take care of Franks security, find out the location of the account books from Frank, and than kill him. But Tommy doesn't do this, instead he re-unites Frank with his family, finds the plane tickets Frank needs and lets him go, as Frank is about to board the plane he gives Tommy the keys to a deposit box in the First National Bank, Frank also says: "Don't forget what i told you in the car that day." Frank was referring to him saying that in the end, its the best friend that kills you, and Tommy was supposed to kill a friend that day. Tom thinks to himself, don't do unto others what you wouldn't wish them do to you, and he wouldn't want Paulie knocking him off any time soon. After Tommy returns to Salieri, and he manages to convince him that Frank is dead, a grand funeral was held. At the funeral, as is customary in mafia tradition, the deceased can only be shown in a good light, and no grudges can be held while at the funeral, even Salieri and Morello cried at each others shoulders, where the day before they were at each others throats.

Salvatore cracking the safe

At night, Tommy is given another assignment by Salieri, this time he has to sneak into the villa of the prosecutor, and steal some incriminating documents. The prosecutor doesn't trust anyone, which is why the documents are kept in his villa, locked in a safe, for the safe Tommy will have to pick up Salvatore, a man that can unlock any safe in the country. He is given a Colt 1911 and a baseball bat by Vincenzo. Once Tommy picks up Salvatore at Hoboken stadium they proceed towards the prosecutors house, which is guarded by several guards, Tommy mustn't alert them. After they sneak to the safe room, and Salvatore opens the safe, the prosecutor arrives in his Silver Fletcher, a car based off of the Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow. Tommy can ask Salvatore to steal it, and they leave the villa. Tommy drops off Salvatore at his home, and then heads to the bar.

Shootout at the parking lot

Some time later, Paulie, Sam and Tom are in the back of the bar again, where Salieri congratulates Paulie and Sam on frightening the witnesses, to which Paulie jokingly replies "All we want is to make you happy boss." The reason for all them being there is that Paulie has a great deal lined up. He met a Kentucky based whiskey dealer named William "Bill" Gates, who has several creates of Kentucky home brewed booze in store, and as we all know, Kentucky makes the best. The deal is set to go down in the large Parking garage, on Central Island, two more guys will follow Tommy, Paulie and Sam, as a precautionary measure. Tommy along Paulie and Sam makes his way to the top level, where they meet Bill, who expresses his pleasure in doing business with a man like Salieri, and as Paulie is to give Bill the money, a group of gangsters drive in with 3 cars, killing Bill and most of his bodyguards, a large firefight ensues, in which Tommy, Paulie and Sam will have to clear out the parking garage before taking the truck with the booze to the warehouse. Once the truck is outside, two more cars will give chase, finally, after reaching the warehouse they return to Saliari, to tell him of this turn of events. As it turns out, thw whole event wasn't as unfortunate as it seemed at first. Salieri did some digging up on William Gates, who was never a booze dealer from Kentucky, but a small time cheat and con artist. He stole the Kentucky booze from Morello, and decided to sell it to Salieri. So in the end, it was Morello who lost well over a dozen of men, several cars, and more than 5 crates of his most expensive whiskey, and Salieri gained all that without spending a dollar.

In intermezzo 3 Norman and Tommy discuss the nature of the mafia and its laws as well as the end of prohibition

Intermezzo 3 starts off after the A Great Deal mission. Since that mission took place shortly before 1933, when the prohibition ended, Norman comments about the end of it, and how Tommy must not have been to happy. Still, Tommy thinks those were good times as the Salieri crime family had a lot of things going for it, and he did eventually get married to Sarah at some point during that time. From the money made off of selling booze during the prohibition, the mafia was able to buy many legitimate businesses like construction, transport, restaurants, the mob ran labor unions, then there was betting, gambling, lotteries, brothels and other illegal activities that the mafia was in charge off. As Tommy explains it, the only illegal activity the mafia tried to stay out of was drugs, even though at times, it wasn't easy as there were many profits to be made. Again, Norman is skeptical, business is business, right? Tommy responds by saying: "That's where you're wrong, the Cosa Nostra ain't no paddies or Chinamen, with drugs comes big money and even bigger problems. When someone has a problem with the cops because of drugs he does the sensible thing, he admits it, if his (mafia) family catches him, they rub him out. Drugs are taboo." Norman jokingly asks if there is someone in the mafia who makes all the rules, for all families. As it turns out all the mafia families choose a Capo di tutti capi (Boss of all bosses) that would make the "laws" of the mob, Norman then says: "So the mob has its own laws, that's just great." In Tommy's words, laws are holy, unchangeable words, every country has its own and so does the mafia. Laws are made by powerful people using their own will, as Tommy puts it, it depends on the person, on whether the person will blindly follow, or use their own will. In Tommy's eyes the Don of the family shouldn't be restrained, and why should he? "A handful of uneducated Sicilian immigrants were stronger than all the laws, courts and police in the States. That took some doing." Norman is now angry at what Tommy said, as he believes that the Mafia is a bunch of murdering criminals that have caused untold suffering. Tommy defends the mob, as he says the mafia doesn't kill innocents, it simply punishes those who break the law, and the majority of the actual law, unfortunately the mafia can't put somebody in jail or fine them. Norman responds by asking of the raids, the payoffs, the bribes, and in turn angers Tommy, who says that cops aren't saints either, and that people go to the Don willingly to pay for advice or protection, as the Don is an esteemed person, and thats the truth. Intermezzo 3 ends with Norman saying that the mafia's laws work because mafiosos are a bunch of murdering scum who only look out for their own interests, and that cops have to ensure law and justice for everyone, which is a lot more difficult.

Gangsters trying to kill Salieri

The game timeline switches to 1935, and Tommy has to drive Salieri to his favorite restaurant, Pepe's, as his usual driver, Carlo, called in sick (note The Godfather reference). On the way there Salieri will say that he has been dreaming of going to Pepe's, and continues by saying that Luigi is a great chef, but Pepe is a master, a maestro, "and wait until you try the cheeses, fuhgeddaboudit". Once there Salieri and Tommy will sit down to have their lunch, Pepe will be very respectful of the Don, calling him a gourmet, and Salieri will jokingly respond: "You wouldn't say that if you knew what I had for dinner yesterday". Pepe will then recommend a bottle of Chianti and some fava beans. The Don will continue his conversation with Tommy, asking him how his meal was, and suggesting that he brings Sarah there sometimes, but again, jokingly saying to watch out, as she cooks worse than Pepe. At this point several cars will drive in alongside the restaurant, and Tommy will tell his boss to get down, as a squad of gangsters opens fire on the restaurant killing almost all the customers, and to end the beginning of the attack they'll throw a grenade in the restaurant. After it, Tommy will have to dispatch of the would be assassins, once that's done, Salieri and Tommy try to figure out how did the gangsters know where they'd be, and Salieri comes to the conclusion that Carlo, his driver betrayed him. They drive to Carlo's apartment, Salieri knocks on the door saying: "Carlo you bastard, we're coming for you!" Tommy breaks down the door and finds a half naked women, presumably a prostitute, and sees Carlo escaping via fire stairs, he must chase after him and kill him. As Salieri and Tommy exit the apartment building, Tommy says: "You know what boss, that was the first time I knocked someone off in their underpants."

Happy birthday Mr. Pres...i mean Mr. councilman

After the assassination attempt the war between Salieri and Morello is at its peak, with total war nearly breaking out. Instead of openly attacking Morello, the Don decides that it would be better to first gradually weaken him by killing of his political contacts and his brother Sergio. First in line is the councilman, Billy's father, who's political career has flourished all thanks to Morello, taking him out should be a priority. Tommy meets with Vincenzo and the Don to discuss the plan, he learns that the councilman is holding a birthday party on a steamboat, where many people are invited, a perfect chance to knock him off in public, thus sending a message. Tommy learns that the councilman will hold a speech sometime during the party, and that would be a perfect time to strike. As for weapons, Vincenzo says that Tommy won't be able to sneak one in, but that he, Vincenzo, already took care of it, and that there is Colt Detective Special (weakest firearm available) in one of the restrooms on the ship. Tommy will also have to acquire some sort of disguise as the security won't let anyone in, at the end of this meeting Tommy accepts the job and Vincenzo wishes him Buena Fortuna. Tommy goes to see Ralph for means of transportation and then he can proceed to the boat. Once there, Tommy will have to find a disguise, it just so happens there is a sort of a sailors suit in a nearby completely open and unguarded building, Tom changes and then gains entrance to the boat. Next order of business is to take the gun from the restroom, unfortunately the restroom where the gun is hidden is locked and out of order with "skipper has key" written on the door. Tommy comments by saying: "Typical, this has to happen to me, a total screw up." Tommy must find the skipper who is one the lower deck, the skipper agrees to give Tommy the keys to the restroom if he cleans it, Tommy reluctantly accepts, for the job he will need a bucket. Once inside the restroom, Tommy doesn't actually have to clean it, but if he doesn't the skipper will ruin the assassination attempt. After Tom cleans up the mess and returns the key to the skipper the skipper will remark: "So you see how easy that was, you're good, you can open a cleaning firm." To which Tommy replies: "Yeah and I'll use you as the rag." Appart from cleaning the restroom, Tommy may wander the ship, talk to the guests, or listen to their comments or have a drink at the bar, having three drinks will make Tommy drunk, and it will be more difficult for him to kill the councilman. A while after returning the key to the skipper the councilman will leave his room to hold his speech, its at this point that Tommy kills him, and then escapes to the speedboat driven by none other than Paulie. Funny fact - it's seems much easier to simply beat the councilman to death with the bucket, as the gun provided for this mission is almost useless. Also, the message sent this way must have been much scarier than simply shooting the guy.

Paulie shoots a man he believes is Sergio Morello

After the assassination of the councilman, Salieri decides to go after another of Morello's allies, his brother, Sergio Morello Jr. Sergio controls the docks, which brings quite a bit of income for the Morello family, by taking him out Salieri would weaken Morello's position even more. Tommy accepts the job, and then drives with Paulie to a restaurant that Sergio frequents regularly. They arrive at the restaurant where Tommy uses a nearby phone booth to call the restaurant and ask for Sergio. When a man comes to answer he says that Sergio isn't there today, but before Tommy can warn Paulie, he already takes out a tommy gun and shoots at the man in the restaurant, after which Tommy and Paulie must escape as the gangsters in the restaurant chase them. Some time later Tommy meets with Salieri at the bar, Salieri comforts him on his failed mission attempt, by saying that it happens to everyone. A new plan is devised in which Tommy will go to the house of Sergio's mistress, and plant a bomb in his car, he will know that Sergio is there if he sees his expensive sports car. Tommy arrives at the house finding a guard standing in front of the car, having a smoke. Once the guard leaves Tommy plants the bomb and waits for Morello to come out. Unfortunately, it's Sergio's mistress that comes out and starts the car and the assassination attempt is another failure.

Tommy kills Sergio

Again, Tommy meets Salieri at the bar the next day, this time with Paulie, they know where Morello is at the time, and drive there to finally kill him, once there Paulie exits the car and just as he's about to shoot he finds out that his weapon is jammed. Noticing this, Sergio's bodyguards take out their weapons and start shooting, Paulie runs back into the car and he and Tommy escape, they've failed for the third time, and Salieri gives the job to other men. These men are waiting in front of some railroad tracks, they plan to trap Morello's car on the train tracks when a train is passing by, thus killing him, but Sergio's driver manages to escape, and its the assassins themselves that get run over by the train. Tommy was sent along to keep an eye on the assassination, seeing how the assassination turned out, he follows Sergio to the docks, where there are well over 20 of Morello's men who Tommy has to deal with. After he deals with all of them, he finds that Sergio is hiding in a warehouse that has closed metal doors, unable to open them, Tommy lets loose a container full of gasoline at the door, Sergio thinking that Tommy is trying to ram the doors laughs at his attempt. Tommy, who just lit up a cigar, throws it at the gasoline that poured out of the container, making it explode and thus, making a way through the doors. In the warehouse there are 4 more men that Tommy kills, finally killing Sergio himself by firing a Colt 1911, the bullet hit Sergio right between the eyes, standing in front of his corpse, Tommy says: "You lucky bastard.", referring to Sergio's good luck in past attempts on his life.

Finally, after Sergio's death, Salieri has weakened Morello enough in order to kill him, and thus end his criminal organization and take over his businesses.

Tommy, Paulie and Sam meet with Salieri at the bar to discuss the job. Salieri begins by saying that now that Sergio is out of the picture, it's time to take out Don Morello himself and end the war. He goes into detail about Morello's illegal activities, whorehouses, gambling, extortion etc. and the biggest problem is that Salieri doesn't see a dime from all that action. Once Morello is taken care off, all the small time cheats and murderers will turn on each other, allowing Salieri to take control. In order to kill Morello, Tommy, Paulie and Sam must go to the Lost Heaven Theater on Central Island, where Morello is watching Othelo, and once the play is over and Morello comes out, they can kill him, as he will be easily identified due to the white suit he always wears. Unfortunately, the play finished early and Morello is already on his way out when Tommy arrives there, which results in a car chase. Morello will be killed in one of three ways, he will be gunned down in his car by Paulie, Sam or Tommy. The plane in which he tries to escape is destroyed by Salieri's men, or Morello's driver will drive to an unfinished bridge after which Tommy will push them off with his car. Afterwards Tommy, Paulie and Sam drive back to the bar.

Tommy shows Norman a photo with Don Peppone

After this episode, intermezzo four starts, and Norman realizes that Tommy killed Morello, Tommy describes how they celebrated and how there seemed to be an end to the bloodshed for a while. He felt like a king, until he came to the realization that if a regular guy like him could kill the most powerful man in the city, what good was all his power, in fact, if he hadn't been so powerful, he would have probably still been alive. No matter how strong someone was, there was always someone stronger to take him out, as Tommy explained. Norman asks what the point of that thought was and Tommy says: "Greediness is bullshit, when you're poor you think a few extra bucks a month is all you need, then you realize it wouldn't be bad to have a nice car, you get a great job in some high up position, but in actuality you're thinking about going higher. And before you know it you want to be the president of the United States and you want to win the war against the Germans." Norman mocks Tommy by saying that that's a great bible story, Tommy continues by saying that he thought he needed to change his priorities a little, and then shows Norman a photograph. The photograph depicted a an older man in the middle with two young man standing beside him on each side. The old man was Don Peppone, he used to be the most powerful man in Lost Heaven, and the two men were Salieri and Morello, commanders of Don Peppone, best friends, standing side by side. Morello and Salieri got the Don killed over some deal, after which they both split up the city into two sides, each ruling one of them, later they started competing with each other, and that turned into a mob war. It was that photograph that convinced Tommy that that way of life was poisonous, Salieri used Tommy as his instrument of death to kill Morello, so he could save himself from looking Morello in the eye. Tommy then goes into detail of his relationship with the people he loves, with his friends, and how he wouldn't like to wake up one day to find Paulie pointing a gun at his head: "A person needs someone he can trust."

Can you say headshot?

Tommy's next assignment will be to assassinate a corrupt politician. Salieri tells Tommy that this particular politician is vowing to end organized crime, normally Salieri wouldn't give a damn about what anyone says, but the politician runs half the brothels in the city, and him and his whores, as Salieri puts it, are moving in on his territory. Tommy is reluctant, and would have hoped that there wasn't any need for bloodshed anymore, but nonetheless accepts the job. Salieri wants the job done in public, but assassinating a politician is not the same as killing a gangster, Salieri doesn't want himself or his men to be implicated in the assassination, so he explains to Tommy that he will be given a modified rifle with a scope, with it Tommy is supposed to take out the politician from a vantage point located in an abandoned prison. Tommy proceeds to Vincenzo to get a scoped Mosin-Nagant rifle, after which he drives to the prison. Tommy uses an open manhole to gain entrance to the ground floor of the prison, once inside it he runs into squatters who attack him on sight. Tommy must go to the highest level of the prison and take his position on a balcony, once there Tommy shoots the politician whilst he's giving a speech to a crowd on a nearby island. Tommy leaves the prison and returns to Salieri's.

Some time after the assassination, Salieri will once again tell the boys of a new job, this time it's just for relaxation. Tommy will, along with Paulie and Sam, steal a shipment of very expensive cigars from the docks, as both Salieri and customers at their clubs want some decent cigars. Tommy will express his doubts, the security at the docks is much more dangerous since the days of Sergio Morello, to risk so much for cigars seems suspicious to Tommy, at which point Salieri will angrily protest, saying that he wants some damn cigars. After he leaves, Paulie starts explaining the plan to Sam and Tommy, they'll ask Paulie why Salieri is risking so much for cigars, to which Paulie will say that he doesn't know or care, that's the job they're given and they have to do it. The plan consists of Tommy driving to a location close to the docks and leaving Paulie there, once there Paulie will offer his partners a job, involving robbing a bank, Tommy says that it's too risky, and Sam won't do it because the "family" is too important to him,

Tommy and Paulie find out the real contents of the crates

Paulie seeing their doubt says that he was just thinking out loud. After this conversation Tommy will drive with Paulie to steal the Atlantic export truck and to beat up the driver in order to take his papers. Tommy gets into the truck while Paulie goes back to Sam. At the docks Tommy will have to load a dozen of the cigar crates on to the truck, the crates have Scorcesse imports logo on them. Unfortunately Tommy gets discovered as those crates aren't scheduled to leave the docks yet, and he'll have to race out of there back to where Sam and Paulie are waiting for him. Once there and the pursuers are dead, Sam will go to get Salieri and Paulie and Tommy will drive the truck with the cigars to the warehouse. At the warehouse Paulie will start checking the crates to see the damage, one will get away from him and he'll come to an unpleasant discovery. The crates were never loaded with cigars, but diamonds, Tommy thinks that their props but Paulie insists that they are in fact real. They decided to wait and see if Salieri knew about the diamonds. Salieri arrives with Sam and climbs onto the back of the truck to check the "cigars", seeing how he wasn't surprised, Paulie and Tommy know that Salieri used them. After Salieri leaves Tommy says to Paulie that he'll come by tomorrow to talk about "that job", meaning the bank job.

Tommy robbing the vault

The next day Tommy goes to Paulie's apartment. There Paulie and he have a drink, and Paulie asks him what's with the sudden change of heart about robbing the bank. Tommy says that he didn't want to do it before because he didn't know that Salieri was using them. They then decide to go straight away to the bank and check it out. Paulie will suggest using the Lost Heaven tram system to get to the bank faster. Once there, Tommy sees that it's the First National Bank, the same bank where Frank left the evidence at. The bank is small, and several bank users will talk about their investments, withdraws etc. Tommy and Paulie will discuss the plan, with Paulie handling the crowd while Tommy goes to the safe deposits room to take the money. But first Tommy will have to get some wheels, and he can't get them from Ralph because he would tell Salieri. Tommy will also need some guns, Paulie has his own stuff, but Tommy doesn't. Paulie suggests that Tommy visits Yellow Pete, and tell him that Paulie sent him.

For the car Tommy can simply steal a fast car, or he can visit Lucas Bertone, in which he'll have to help him deliver a package to a certain person known as Big Dick, who is waiting for him underneath a bridge. As for the weapons, Tommy will drive to the old and closed Twister cinema, at the side door is Yellow Pete's shop, where Tommy will have a choice between a large number of weapons. Then, Tommy has to pick up Paulie and they proceed to drive to the bank, once there Paulie will take out his Colt 1911 and say that it's a robbery and that everyone has to hit the ground. Tommy will have to take two sets of keys, one that opens up the way towards the safe deposit and one that opens the vault room. In the vault room Tommy will find a large amount of money and some gold, his only concern is getting the money and getting out. Meanwhile Paulie is getting nervous as a woman won't stop crying. While Tommy is getting out of the safe deposit rooms, gunshots are heard and the crying stops abruptly. They both leave and drive to a safe location in Hoboken, the closed down Palermo club. Paulie is excited and happy, and says that they need to change clothes so as to not be picked up in the streets by cops, he also tells Tommy not to talk to anyone, head back home and sleep on it. Tommy leaves the money with Paulie so Sarah won't notice it, and Paulie jokes about running away with the money.

Tommy finds Paulie dead

Tomorrow Tommy goes to Paulie's as agreed upon. Unfortunately he finds Paulie laying in a pool of his own blood, shot several times in the back and the money is gone as well. Tommy then hears a phone ringing and answers it. It was Sam calling, trying to warn Paulie that Salieri found out about the bank job, but Sam finds out that he's too late seeing as how Tommy tells him that he's dead. He then proceeds to ask Sam to help him, with Paulie dead he has no one else to turn to. Sam tells him that he'll help him out as he still owes him, and continues to say that most places are too dangerous to meet at, and suggests the cities art museum as a meeting location. Tommy can proceed to Yellow Pete's for some weapons and Lucas for a car, both of these paths are optional, though it is advised that the player at least visits Yellow Pete. Once at the museum Tommy gets ambushed by two man holding guns, and from an opening above money bills start falling down, Tommy sees Sam and asks what all this is about.

Sam says that he can't help him, as doing that would be suicidal. Things are looking up for him as he found a big bag of money and Tommy comes to the chilling realization that it was Sam that killed Paulie. Sam says that he and Salieri really liked Tommy, but that he shouldn't have broken the unwritten rules of their business. They found about the whore Tommy was supposed to kill in Corleone hotel. Salieri found out about her because she returned to town and because Tommy proved to be unreliablehey did some digging and found that Frank was living comfortably in Europe. Tommy expresses his disgust with Sam, and says that there's no honor, Sam says that it's just business and that there isn't any room in it for honor or friendship. He then tells the two gangsters to kill Tommy, but Tommy takes out his Colt Detective Special, shoots one of them and does a barrel roll, after which Tommy must kill dozens of gangsters to make his way towards Sam. Once he does, they continue talking. Tommy tells Sam that Salieri double crossed him as well, as there were diamonds hidden among those cigars, and that Salieri didn't want to give them a cut, which is why he and Paulie did the bank job. Sam says he knew about the diamonds and that Salieri wanted to keep them secret before he sold them, he also says that the diamonds have nothing to do with the fact that Tommy didn't kill Frank, "He broke the omerta Tom, which is worse?" Tommy asks how he knew that he didn't kill Frank, and Sam tells him "You can blame it on someone else you didn't kill, you're too human. She (the whore at Corleone hotel) came back to the city." Tommy attempts to take a blind shot at Sam, and he misses, Sam says that he should have known that he couldn't trust a dame. "I can understand that it isn't easy to kill your wives best friend, yeah, i should have done it for ya." Sam then proceeds to tell Tom of how they found Frank. A firefight ensues, and Tom has to kill Sam, this is basically the only boss fight in the game, seeing as how it takes a little bit more to bring down Sam, he also uses a very accurate Tommy gun which can kill Tommy in several seconds if the player leaves himself open.

Sam shot down by Tommy

After Tommy does enough damage to Sam he will run, with Tommy chasing after him Sam will attempt one last desperate ambush, should the player shoot him one more time the final cinematic will start. Sam manages to shoot Tommy with his last bullet, Tommy falls to the ground but still has Sam in his sights. Sam seeing that Tommy is doubting decides to try and run away, but he finds it difficult as he was shot in the leg. Tommy than proceeds to look for Sam, he finds him running away from a balcony of sorts, Sam doesn't notice him and Tommy shoots him in the back. Sam realizing he was fatally shot says: "You did it, but they'll get you all the same. Salieri will get you, he stood by you, you rat. You're dangerous Tom, and Paulie? He's dead, he was never sure that you wouldn't forgive his death. Oh you're gonna have to hide, like an outcast and one day, they'll get you all the same. Like Frank, you only lengthened his life, but in the end they found him all the same, and Frank was the Don's only real friend, friendship ain't worth shit." Tommy then proceeds to shoot Sam several times. Once he leaves Sam's blood starts dripping down to the money that fell on the floor at the beginning.


Tommy killed by Vito and Joe

Tommy and Norman are still talking inside the restaurant. Norman is not surprised that Tommy was involved in the destruction of millions of dollars worth art. Norman than points out that what Tommy did was betrayal, but if he testifies it will be more like treason, he asks Tommy if it's really better this way, to which Tommy says: "If they found Frank five years after he went missing then they can find me." It will be easier for him to stay alive if the people who want to kill him are in jail. Norman says that he isn't sure helping someone like Tommy is moral, but he'll do it.

After the trial of the century starts. The shortest prison sentence is 8 years, Salieri got life sentence and some of his thugs even got the chair. Tommy spends the trial quietly in a cell at a secret location. After the trial he got out, Norman arranged that he and his family got new identities and a new life on the other side of the U.S. The narrative than switches to 1951, we can see Tommy hosing his lawn, when two man drive up in a red Cadillac. They get out and ask him if he's Thomas Angelo, which confuses Tommy, but before he can say anything else but "Excuse me?", one of the man then proceeds to take out a sawed off shotgun and he kills Tommy. In Mafia 2 it is revealed that the two men are in fact Vito and Joe, the two main characters of the second game. In the original Czech language version of the first game the main character doesn't confirm that he is truly Thomas Angelo (he is killed nevertheless), but in the English version of this scene in Mafia 1 and in every language version of this scene in Mafia 2 he replies "Yes." This is an error in translation and in following revisiting of the scene, as it would be very stupid to admit his former identity after he went through so much trouble to secure a new one.

Tommy as a narrator's voice then explains that he, Sam and Paulie wanted to be rich, but goes on to say that a person needs balance, in crime, in war, in life. A man who wants too much out of life risks losing everything a man who wants too little risks not getting anything at all. The screen blackens and the words The End appears, after which the credits roll with the music of "Lordz of Brooklyn - Where Do Gangsters Go (Lake of Fire)"


When the player is not driving between mission objectives, engaging in car chases or getting involved in high-speed races, they are exploring the expansive city of Lost Heaven (a mix of real-life New York City and Chicago) on foot. The portions of the game in which the player is not driving consist mainly of violent shootouts and brawls in and around the many locales of the city. Lost Heaven is a large place, and the player will visit such disparate locations as race tracks, hotels, airports, churches and bars in their travels. Apart from cars and feet, the player can also travel around the city using Lost Heaven's trams and elevated rail network. The game also makes use of dynamic weather effects and a day and night cycle, which can affect various gameplay elements such as the number of police on the streets.

The cars and weapons in Mafia are all period-appropriate. There are 51 cars (the majority of which are based on real-life counterparts, but with fake names) available to the player in the main game, which are unlocked periodically over the course of the game (for example, at the beginning of the game cars from the 1920s are common on the road, but are replaced with new models as the game progresses). 19 further cars are unlockable in the game's "Free Ride" mode, in which the players may explore and have fun with the city of Lost Heaven at their leisue. It is possible to steal cars, but only after the player has been shown how to pick the particular car's lock in the game's main story mode. The cars also have some highly advanced damage physics with the ability to puncture tires and fuel tanks with bullets, overheat the engine, damage the transmission and knock off various car parts through ramming, shooting or simply hitting them with a sturdy enough melee weapon.

The Police AI in Lost Heaven is notable for its strictness. If the player exceeds the speed limit, runs a red light or hits another vehicle in view of the police, the police will attempt to fine the player (although they are surprisingly unconcerned about the player driving on the wrong side of the road or the sidewalk). Major offences such as assault, murder and carrying a weapon in public will be met with much harsher (often fatal) punishments.


During the game's original release it was hailed as one of the best games of the year. The game was a sleeper hit, not having much hype surrounding it (expect for the country of origin, the Czech Republic, where it was the most anticipated game for a long time). Once released, however, the game entered many gamers' radars, and has since become a cult favourite. Many publications were quick to compare Mafia to Grand Theft Auto III, making note of its open-world and mixture of driving and gunplay. Despite these parallels, Mafia's story-driven gameplay, setting in 30's America and more linear narrative managed to set it apart from its forebears.

The action sequences were also very well-received. Critics made particular note of Mafia's graphics (which looked incredible for their time) and scripted yet dynamic gameplay, which took place with very few snags or bugs.

When the game released to the Xbox and Playstation 2, the reception was vastly different. Lacking the power of the PC, load times became so long as to render the game nigh-unplayable. This lack of power meant many features which were complimented on the PC version had to be cut from the console editions of the game. Despite the high praise for the PC version of Mafia, the many cuts made to its console versions rendered them critical disappointments.


The player is able to use a wide variety of weapons. These range from cheap revolvers to pump-action shotguns, and of course the iconic Tommy Gun. Tommy Angelo will receive his weapons from Don's right hand man, Vincenzo, during almost every mission. Weapons given by Vincenzo will mostly be comprised of melee weapons and pistols, though during an assassination the player will receive a scoped Mosin Nagant. Apart from the usual weapons such as pistols, shotguns, submachine guns the player will be able to choose from two thrown weapons as well as a number of melee weapons. Weapons featured in the game include:

Melee Weapons




Thrown Weapons


Mafia Soundtrack

The soundtrack is reflective of the era the game is set in, it heavily features music from the 1930's America and Europe, mostly jazz, the soundtrack includes artists like Django Reinhardt, The Mills Brothers, Louis Prima etc. Mafia's original score was composed by Vladimir Šimůnek and was preformed by Czech Symphony Orchestra.

Original score:

  • Vladimir Simunek - Main theme
  • Vladimir Simunek - Main theme (short version)
  • Vladimir Simunek - Fate
  • Vladimir Simunek - Sorrow and church [The Priest]
  • Vladimir Simunek - Calm
  • Vladimir Simunek - Briefing - Bad
  • Vladimir Simunek - Briefing - Conspiracy (The farm theme) [A Trip To The Country]
  • Vladimir Simunek - Briefing - Good
  • Vladimir Simunek - Fighting theme#1
  • Vladimir Simunek - Fighting theme#2 [The Whore, hotel]
  • Vladimir Simunek - Night psycho [Visiting Rich People]
  • Vladimir Simunek - Quiet before the storm [Better Get Used To It]
  • Vladimir Simunek - Game over
  • Vladimir Simunek - Success
  • Vladimir Simunek - Surprise!#1 [Ordinary Routine]
  • Vladimir Simunek - Surprise!#2 [Ordinary Routine]
  • Vladimir Simunek - Sarahs theme [Sarah]
  • Vladimir Simunek - Escalation
  • Vladimir Simunek - Carchase#1
  • Vladimir Simunek - Carchase#2


  • "Belleville" - Django Reinhardt -Heard in Central Island
  • "Caravan" - The Mills Brothers - Heard in Oakhill
  • "Chinatown, My Chinatown" - The Mills Brothers - Heard in Chinatown
  • "Cavalerie" - Django Reinhardt - Heard in Little Italy
  • "Echoes of France" - Django Reinhardt - Heard in Oakwood
  • "Manoir de Mes Reves" - Django Reinhardt - Heard in Hoboken
  • "Minor Swing" - Django Reinhardt - Heard in New Ark
  • "The Mooche" - Duke Ellington - Heard in Works Quarter
  • "Vendredi 13" - Django Reinhardt - Heard in Down Town


  • "Douce ambiance" - Django Reinhardt -Heard in Countryside
  • "Jet Black Blues" - Lonnie Johnson - Heard in Countryside
  • "I'm Living in a Great Big Way" - Louis Prima - Heard in Countryside Freeroam and in Running Man


  • "Cou-cou" - Django Reinhardt - Heard during mission "Happy Birthday"
  • "Lake Of Fire" - Lordz Of Brooklyn - Heard in End credits
  • "Moanin' for You" - The Mills Brothers - Heard in Great Deal!
  • "You Run Your Mouth and I'll Run My Business" - Louis Jordan - Heard in Great Deal!

PC System Requirements

Minimum system requirements

  • CPU: 500MHz PENTIUM III or AMD Athlon processor
  • RAM: 96 MB of RAM
  • VGA: 16 MB video card with DirectX 8.1 compatible drivers
  • DX: DirectX 8.1
  • OS: Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP
  • HDD: 1.8 GB of free hard drive space
  • Sound: DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
  • ODD:16x CD / DVD ROM drive

Recommended system requirements

  • CPU: 700+MHz PENTIUM III or AMD Athlon processor
  • RAM: 128+ MB of RAM
  • VGA: 32+ MB video card with DirectX 8.1 compatible drivers
  • DX: DirectX 8.1
  • OS: Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP
  • HDD: 1.8 GB of free hard drive space
  • Sound: DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
  • ODD: 32x CD / DVD ROM drive

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