USB Extension Cable + Fightstick = lag free?

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I've got an awkward setup at home with the main hallway between the kitchen and living room crossing the couch and the PS3/TV.  
This is usually not too big of a problem... except when I pull out my Mad Catz TE Fightstick. The cable on the stick is plenty long but I want to get a setup with no wire across our walkway. I have constant fear of myself or my girlfriend tripping over it.
So I was thinking of getting a USB extension cable like this one, plugging it into the PS3, then feeding the cable across our door frame (which is right next to the PS3), and having the other end sticking out on the left side of the couch. That way, whenever I want to play some MvC3 or SSFIV I can plug the fightstick into the USB extension cable.. leading to NO WIRES ON THE FLOOR!!! 
 So I'm all jazzed about this idea but I was wondering two things. 
1. Will the fightstick run through a USB extension cable? 
 2. Will having an extension affect the response time on inputting commands? I assume not, but obviously this would be a deal breaker if so. 
Thanks for the tips!

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At that distance, it should be fine. I read that once you get closer to 5 meters, you'll start having problems. At least my experience was completely lag-free with a generic 10 foot USB cord, a gender changer coupler, and my Logitech MX-518 mouse with its 6 foot base cord. Not sure how a fight stick would do, especially since they usually have much longer base cords to start with.

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As far as I know (which is not very much) there shouldn't be a problem, as long as the cable is not over 10 or 15 ft in length. But a cable like that shouldn't run you more than a few bucks online, so it couldn't hurt to just buy one and try it. 

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And then there's something crazy like this. I don't know if that thing would work at all but it sounds pretty cool.

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electricity travels at the speed of light.  so as long as the signal is strong enough, you shouldn't notice any latency just using an extension. over extended lengths, you start to see a lower voltage on DC circuits

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@Kyle said:
" And then there's something crazy like this. I don't know if that thing would work at all but it sounds pretty cool. "
Interesting. I might have to check one out. 
I bought three 5-meter active extension cables a while back to link them up so I could get wired USB to the living room for the sake of action games on the big screen, and I'm not sure if they were all just shitty cables or if the concept is bullshit, but they all lagged to high hell and often needed to be unplugged and re-plugged to get them to function again about once a day. I do not recommend them, even when using one at a time.
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Damn you guys really think a 15f cable might produce some delay? Getting mixed signals here but I'm interested. Also, that thing you posted Kyle seems pretty cool.. though again have no idea if it would work with this.

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I guess I'll cannibalize my bluetooth setup and see how my Hori EX2 fares with the 10 foot extension I have in Super Meat Boy. The fightstick already has like a 10 foot cord to start with, so we'll see if the length causes any issues. It already cuts out if I don't have the cable hanging off the USB end just right by itself, so there could be some false negatives. BRB

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@bigmuffpi:  Seems to work just fine. It took me a minute to get warmed up like always, but once I did everything was just like regular.
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@MrKlorox: Thanks for the input man! Very helpful. 
So lemme get this straight: You're running your Hori Ex2 through a 10 foot USB extension cable to your 360? 
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@bigmuffpi said:
" So lemme get this straight: You're running your Hori Ex2 through a 10 foot USB extension cable to your 360?  "
Basically, yes. It's not exactly an extension cable as much as it is a regular 10 foot A-B USB cable with a female to female B-A coupler which essentially makes it a cable just like the one you're looking at.

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