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#51 Posted by kindgineer (2786 posts) -

@BrockNRolla: I haven't been able to play ME3 as of yet, but I don't want the series to end. I could care less what direction they take it down as long as the great sci-fi storyline stays intact. I really enjoy the focus they bring to the table and do not want them to stop.

#52 Posted by ArbitraryWater (11988 posts) -

I would be interested in the universe being revisited in like... 5 years, but I could not care less about this DLC. Unlike Mass Effect 2, I have no real inclination to replay ME3, at least not for a long while.

#53 Posted by mordukai (7179 posts) -

Done with Mass Effect and pretty much done with Bioware.

#54 Posted by Lydian_Sel (2494 posts) -


The idea of DLC about the Leviathan is cool considering it was always a super intriguing and mysterious concept when first introduced in ME1 but after seeing some of the press footage and hearing Bioware PR talking about how they've applied systems from the multi-player into the new single player content I just can't seem to get excited about it.

I hate to join the chorus but ME3 really killed a lot of the love I had for that universe and every time I see footage of the combat I just feel an exasperated sigh coming on knowing I'll have to churn through waves of the same four enemy types just to get to the narrative. Yes, I know that sounds like so many other game titles, but for me the problem feels accentuated in the case of ME3 due to them bumping up the combat focus considerably from ME2 which had already taken some criticism for favoring shooter-mechanics over its RPG roots.

I believe there is still potential in the bare-bones conceptual side of the Mass Effect fiction but if the future of the franchise has you blasting things from behind cover & buying weapon packs then I feel they have miss-managed what was initially fantastic about the product.

#55 Posted by MideonNViscera (2257 posts) -

Mass Effect is probably my favorite series of all time. I played ME1 like 5 times, ME2 either 3 or 4, but I didn't get very far in my second playthrough of ME3, and haven't played the new ending yet either. I'd say I'm basically burned out. I'll get all the DLC, but I may not play it until I finally feel like doing my insanity trilogy run.

#56 Posted by Brodehouse (10105 posts) -

Leviathan would have to be a very long thing. I would rather pay 20 dollars for a new Tuchanka or Rannoch segment than pay 7 dollars for a side mission. Pack four or five missions together and then have it read like "Did I kill Balak?" "Did I save Kasumi's data?" and have it drastically affect the entire thing like the Rannoch section.

I think the problem with ME3 is that it ended the series with finality. Ironically the lack of finality is what makes other games kind of miserable, but... The Reaper War was too big of a conflict to resolve in just 30 hours. They should've done an entire trilogy of Mass Effect 3. Like the way they made a trilogy out of AC2.

They should've done Tuchanka, Rannoch and... I don't know, the liberation of Palaven for the first one. All done with the same care and detail. The second game would be darker, you'd have the retaking of Omega and defense of the Terminus, a section in Batarian space featuring Kar'Shan and this rogue Reaper Leviathan, and then the crushing Fall of Thessia. The third starts with tracking down Illusive at Horizon and then his base, then The Battle For Earth, which essentially plays out like a 15 hour Suicide Mission. Firebase Blood Dragon in Edmonton is falling and if it can't be saved, it has to be destroyed... Who do you send to make sure it doesn't fall into Reaper hands; Urdnot Wrex? Miranda Lawson? Garrus Vakarian? You need someone with naval experience to aid Sword Company, did you build alliances with General Partinex from the first game? What about Balak, the batarian terrorist?

I think the problem is just that they tried to make everyone happy in one game and there's just not enough time to wrap up every story.

#57 Posted by StarvingGamer (8456 posts) -

I had a great time with ME3. Including the ending. I have been ready for more since a week after the game came out.

I just wish they didn't have to postpone their DLC plans trying to appease all the whiners with that extended cut.

#58 Posted by AngelN7 (2972 posts) -

@Brodehouse: Turning the war agaisnt the Reapers into the equivalent of Star Wars Clone Wars would have diminished the urgency though Shepard was constantly on the run , I thought that scene on Mars where the Reapers just come down as soon as Shepard and his teamates are getting on their feets after that encounter with the Cerberus Agent was really great to make that sense of urgency stand out at least early on , I would have loved to see a 60 h game with a more deep arc to each separte substoryline ( the Krogan Genophage, getting the assistance of the council (Turians, Salarians) , the battle for Rannoch , the Geth situation, the fall of Tessia) but coming up with a good pace for all those stories while making you feel you're not wasting too much time while Earth is getting decimated would have been somewhat difficult or maybe not I don't know.

I can see what you're saying since we already know how the story ends this post DLC story doesn't feel like something as relevant to the war effort like the other main missions, if they use the "Grampa tell me another story about the Shepard" device with the Stargazer and child then I can see how it could work in the story . The most interesting thing about Leviathan (to me) is to know what he is not so much what he does for the Mass Effect 3 story.

#59 Posted by Law313 (110 posts) -

I beat ME3 on Insanity for my first run and haven't played it since. Give me more SP content and I'll put the game back in in a second.

#60 Posted by tourgen (4542 posts) -

I am stunned at how indifferent I am toward ME, now.

Same for me. I think the Mass Effect story is over for me. Technical problems with 3 was the final straw. Still can't play online
#61 Posted by Nottle (1917 posts) -

The games have kind of gone down hill since 1 ( though not much.) They still have neat stuff that i like and would like to see more of, but I don't want to buy any Mass Effect stuff anytime soon unless the ME2 DLC is on sale sometime.

#62 Posted by GenghisJohn (257 posts) -

I loved ME2, thought ME3 was pretty good. I wasnt outraged at the original ending, I didnt download any of the extended ending and I have no interest in anymore ME content. I sold my copy infact.

#63 Posted by ShaggE (6624 posts) -

I loved ME3, ending aside, and I'll be ready for Mass Effect Kartz: Shepard's Racing Adventure 3D in a year or so.

#64 Posted by wealllikepie (757 posts) -

i played 1 and 2 and quite liked them but i wasnt really ready to play another third person shooter at the time it came out. and there didn't seem like any good reason to rush out and get it so i still havent. i probably wont at this point to be honest

#65 Posted by N7 (3657 posts) -

I want as much as they will make.
I'm a crackwhore for Mass Effect.

#66 Posted by SuperZamrod (269 posts) -

I can't wait for more Mass Effect 3 single-player content. Contrary to what seems to be popular opinion, I greatly enjoyed Mass Effect 3 and I had zero problems with the original ending. This is probably my favorite game series of all time, and I'm looking forward to delving back into that universe.

#67 Posted by haggis (1677 posts) -

I enjoyed ME3 as well, thought the original ending was a little weak (for reasons completely different from why most people didn't like it), and thought the extended cut answered most of my complaints. So it's no surprise to know that I'd play just about anything they make in that game universe, with or without Shepard. It's definitely a series that draws a pretty stark dividing line among gamers. Honestly, I don't quite understand the hate it gets, but gaming taste is subjective. ME3 probably scores equally with 2, with ME1 being my least favorite of the series (though still one of my favorite games ever).
I'm looking forward to new single-player DLC content. I'll probably snap it up on day one of release despite the uneven quality of BioWare DLC.

#68 Posted by Deranged (1856 posts) -

I'm always up for more Mass Effect.

#69 Posted by WarlordPayne (705 posts) -

I'm ready for more Mass Effect, I'm going to wait to see what people say about the DLC before I grab it, though. Their stuff can be kind of hit or miss sometimes.

#70 Posted by Gamer_152 (14097 posts) -

I wouldn't say I'm burned out but I feel like I've had my fill. We've had three big Mass Effect games, all of them pretty long, and more importantly ME3 was a clear closer to the series and even if it's still not the best ending, I felt like post-Extended Cut especially there was a strong sense of conclusion. I don't feel like I'm particularly against the new ME3 DLC but like all the other Mass Effect DLC I've played post-game I don't think there's anyway for it not to feel tacked on, although it will help if they try and flesh this one out a bit more.

#71 Edited by fetchfox (1332 posts) -

Right now I'm bacon scorched burned here, don't care about any of it, even though it might be good ( I'll probably check it out someday though).

#72 Posted by InvaderSkooj (59 posts) -

Very excited to play more ME

#73 Edited by Chop (1999 posts) -

Add me to the list that are just burned out on Bioware in general. I still haven't gotten around to ME3 and at this point, I doubt I ever will.

It's my own fault really; I played way too many Bioware games between 09 and 10. Imma suffering from Bioware oversaturation!...or something.

#74 Posted by Bloodgraiv3 (2713 posts) -

I'm stoked to play more Mass Effect, hell I haven't played games in a long ass time and some DLC for one of my favorite games all year would get me to go back and play it.

#75 Posted by Korolev (1722 posts) -

I am one of those who hated the original ending, and I still kinda dislike the new endings, but I still think that ME3 was an awesome game overall. Not as good as ME2, yeah, but still pretty damn awesome.

However... while the Mass Effect Universe is big, wonderful and has a lot of potential..... Drew Karpyshyn left BioWare. I know he didn't create the ME universe alone, but he played, without a doubt, a central part of it. I sincerely believe that ME3 suffered at the end because he wasn't there, and I'm pretty sure that it won't be as good without him around.

That said, they could always surprise you. BioWare still has some pretty talented writers. But I'll be wary in regards to any new content. Unlike with ME2, no DLC form ME3 will tie into an ME4 - because Shepard's story is done. I got almost all the ME2 stuff, even the stuff that was crap like Arrival, because it would impact ME3 in some way (actually a lot of it didn't). Now, since ME3's DLC will impact nothing in anyway whatsoever, I'm not sure if I'll get it. It'll have to be at least Shadow-Broker quality for me to even consider it.

#76 Posted by Fearbeard (834 posts) -

As long as it's a solid self contained story then I'm all in. I doubt it will be though.

#77 Posted by Fjordson (2453 posts) -

I loved Mass Effect 1, but it was all downhill from there. Mediocre gameplay aside, the universe and the fiction was so thoroughly massacred that I still have a sour taste in my mouth. Unless BioWare were to hand the series off to a more competent developer (which is unlikely) I wouldn't bother with another ME game.

#78 Posted by onan (1286 posts) -

@buft said:

Recently i played a bunch of multiplayer and it got me excited for more single player content, I actually really like where the multiplayer went, with more locations and classes it doesnt feel as one sided as it once did with everybody and their dog rolling a vanguard.

You don't see much vanguard outside of Bronze these days. The fact it dumps you into the line of fire with little chance of retreat on higher difficulties, as well as the tendency to glitch pretty much killed an otherwise really fun class.

I personally don't care about any future DLC for ME3. I saw a headline on facebook from Bioware saying "Leviathan dated!" and I thought, "yep, that's pretty much my opinion on the matter, Mass Effect 3 is old news." Maybe after it's all said and done I'll pick it up for a song during a sale and see what the DLC was all about, but they're not getting my money anytime soon.

#79 Posted by Capum15 (4959 posts) -

I probably won't get it immediately, but I probably will eventually. So, sure, I suppose.

#80 Posted by Terramagi (1159 posts) -

Bioware died to me after Dragon Age 2.

Mass Effect 3 being as an abysmal failure as it was is basically tantamount to its decrepit zombie corpse keying my car.

#81 Posted by Xakura (126 posts) -

It's one of my favorite series of all time, of all mediums. And I have no desire to play anything else they put out.

Heard the new DLC is about a rogue reaper. Takes real discipline from a writing team to keep something alien and unknowable. And not just over-explain and iterate 'till you basically get human actions in alien bodies.

#82 Edited by Village_Guy (2656 posts) -

Nah, I'm not really feeling any interest in Mass Effect 3 anymore (I do need to get back and finish that achievement though... actually scratch that, the new DLC will probably have achievements, so why care about the last achievement).


In other news, apparently only 42% of players actually completed Mass Effect 3, which sounds bad but isn't when looking at other Bioware games. With only 40% completing the first Mass Effect, 56% for Mass Effect 2, 36% for Dragon Age: Origins, and 41% for Dragon Age 2.

#83 Posted by probablytuna (3792 posts) -

Gimme more.

#84 Posted by stryker1121 (1562 posts) -

I wouldn't pick up the original trilogy again but if/when ME is re-introduced for next-gen (Hopefully some kind of far-future sequel and not a prequel) I'd be happy to get back into the universe.

#85 Posted by fox01313 (5088 posts) -

Enjoyed it up to ME2 but a lot of things done with ME3 just turned me off it. Will be curious to see what's next but definitely not lining up to wait for the next game in the series.

#86 Posted by Thanatos3 (84 posts) -

@bayushi: Nickle and dimming you with free multiplayer map packs and character classes?

#87 Posted by deox (226 posts) -

I loved the series, even ME3 shockingly, but it's safe to say I'm okay with taking a break from the Mass Effect universe for awhile. If they do get around to making a new game I really hope it features a new story and protagonist, in a different timeline all together.

#88 Posted by MEATBALL (3386 posts) -

Looking forward to diving back in for some DLC. I've enjoyed all of Bioware's DLC output since ME2, so I have faith that I'll enjoy Leviathan. Still really love Mass Effect.

#89 Posted by Mike76x (558 posts) -

Mass Effect - Played through 12 times, S-Ranked, bought all DLC

Mass Effect 2 - Played through 8 times, S-Ranked, bought all DLC

Mass Effect 3 - Played through 1 time, missing achievements, don't care about Mass Effect any more.

#90 Posted by morrelloman (608 posts) -

I really just want them to release some of these characters. Don't want to for hours and then roll the dice on a premium spectre pack to only get gear bonuses.

Regardless, I did participate in the multiplayer event this pass weekend and I have to say that this is still holding up well. If I had been playing it constantly I may have been burned out, but it's nice to throw some powers out and snipe some guardians from time to time. It seems like people are still playing, so there's that.

I will get the new DLC because I've gotten every non-weapon or cosmetic DLC for the franchise to date.

#91 Posted by CheapPoison (743 posts) -

For some reason i feel they dropped a bomb on the franchise.

Nukes the fridge and all that.

#92 Posted by mpgeist (642 posts) -

@Mike76x said:

Mass Effect - Played through 12 times, S-Ranked, bought all DLC

Mass Effect 2 - Played through 8 times, S-Ranked, bought all DLC

Mass Effect 3 - Played through 1 time, missing achievements, don't care about Mass Effect any more.

Pretty much this for me too. Sadly, I'm over Mass Effect.

#93 Posted by Natesaint (148 posts) -

It is pretty much the only series I play at this point. I don't have the extra money for other games and since I love sci-fi it is where I am at right now. The endings don't bother me a bit, although the Bioware forums are filled with people who think their fan fiction ideas are better. They're not, and it is a sad group over there. I do look forward to more dlc obviously, I think Leviathan will be fine and it looks like the Omega dlc is a lock. Only problem is I won't play the 3rd anymore until all single player dlc is out. Even if all Leviathan does is add a few Catalyst lines, I don't want to shortchange any of my Shepards. They have created to vast a universe, one of the most expansive in gaming, to let it go. Shepard may be done, but the universe goes on.

#94 Posted by Dad_Is_A_Zombie (1225 posts) -

Ridiculous "Reaper Kid" bullshit notwithstanding, ME3 was a great game and remains my GOTY so far. So yeah, my femshep is ready for more.

#95 Posted by TobbRobb (4811 posts) -

I burned out in 1, got back on it, burned out in 2, got back on it. Said fuck it before 3.

#96 Posted by Zaccheus (1800 posts) -

I think Mass Effect is done for me... When I reflect back to when I played ME2 this seems insane, but still true. ME3 ending was bad, but I realized few days ago that I didn't like the game as a whole either. The gameplay was fine, but the way the story went around and tried desperately to tie everything together in a extremely unreasonable way. I just didn't care. Pains me to even say it. Fuck.

#97 Posted by Yodasdarkside (288 posts) -

After a few months, that's me just starting to get a little tired of the multiplayer - I don't think I've ever put so much time into online play before. I'm really looking forward to the Leviathan DLC, because I enjoy the cohesive and comprehensive nature of the universe. Also, I just really like the way ME plays.

#98 Edited by MeierTheRed (4941 posts) -

Loved ME1, ME2 was good, skipped ME3. So no, i don't need anymore.

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