Can't See the Galaxy!

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So i started playing mass effect a couple of days ago for the PC and theres just one big problem thats preventing me from continuing. I've just picked up all my party members except for liara and have boarded the normandy. when i go to the galaxy monitor thing to chose a destination the screen goes black except for a border type thing in the upper left corner. the only thing i can do is right click to zoom out. when i do zoom out the screen briefly shows the galaxy but then it disappears again. I've turned down all my settings but nothings worked, the game has run mostly fine up to this point with only a couple hiccups. my computer can run crysis at its lower settings so i hope that the graphics are the problem. Any suggestions?

Also on an possibly unrelated note, the game won't let me save, or quick-save for that matter. that too is proving to be a big annoyance.

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#2 Posted by Carlos1408 (1622 posts) -

It seems that the PC version of this game has some major issues, in my case the game doesn't even come on after installing it, won't even work... I've even tried installing it on other computers everything, so I recently purchased it for Xbox and finished it a couple of days ago. I'm sorry I can't really help you there, I'm not too good with computers... I don't know if this will help but maybe un-installing it and re-instaling it after might help, I don't know... but it's worth a try.

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#3 Posted by Smithy (15 posts) -

I had the same problem, after a lot of searching and googling I found some special crack for the game and it worked.

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