I just realized that I sold ME1, what should I do?

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For some reason, awhile ago I sold a few game to gamestop, including gears1 assassins creed 1 cod4 and most notably mass effect. This comes at a terrible time, because I really want to start a fresh new run for me3. I was thinking on getting it on games on demand, for twenty, even though my hatching space is 20gb....but I would end up installing it anyways...amazOn has it for twenty for prime users, and getting it used is a no go.

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It's like 10 bucks new. Go get it again! Also, why can't you get it used? I get all my games used and they are all in pristine condition - I'm actually quite shocked.

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10 bucks new, where at. Everywhere i see has if as a platinum hit and is for 20

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@Dany: Almost every Gamestop I've ever been to (I live in Canada) has it for around 10-15 bucks. ME2 is 20 so it would make sense, being the older game by 2 years. 
I remember it most notably when I was picking up my ME2 CE on launch day last year - beside the cash register they had copies of ME1 and they were all 10 bucks. Basically every copy was gone.
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I just bought it off amazon for 20 but since i am getting it in 1 day shipping and have a 15 dollar credit, its only 8 bucks!

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