I must be doing something wrong (spoilers)

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So, I am near the end of the game on the very last stretch of Ilos. This has nothing to do with enimes or how hard combat is. I need to drive down a ramp to get to the conduit in under 40 seconds. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE! I have tried so so so many times and can never make it in time. The Mako is just nor dast enough or I need just 5 more seconds. I hate driving the Mako and the fact I need to be perfect at it to contiue the game is so wrong. I don't know why no one has complained about this before. So that leads me to believe I am not really doing what I am suppsed to be. I think I need to touch the conguit in time, but it is just not possible. Any advice would be greatly apreciatted. 
EDIT: Got it. I had to turn down my settings to make the game run faster.
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hmm never had a problem with that

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Are you shooting the enemies?  Because you don't need to.  Just drive straight at the portal or whatever it is, don't worry about anything else.

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Forget the enemies, despite some fighting back, and just step on it to the conduit. 

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I do, trust me. I just drive straight ahead as fast as it can go. But I  never make it. Like it's not even close. I drive down the thing straight at the conduit, but time expires before I can get there.
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Yeah like what everyone said, just drive directly to the conduit.

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Make sure you go straight to it following the river at first. Don't slow down or swerve. I've done it on my first attempt on insanity.

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Really? I have never actually lost going to the Conduit. I just  take the path straight down and I make it in time. Even on Insanity I made it my first try.

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I don't know what it is, it just doesn't do it. It is supposed to be easy.  
Maybe the PC version just hates me....
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That's extremely weird... I just held down the W key if I remember correctly.

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So have I...... I dont stop for anything.
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@Daveyo520 said:
" @xobballox: So have I...... I dont stop for anything. "
hummm maybe you should reload the last save before running to the conduit. You might have a bug there.
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I don't know what the problem is if you're just driving straight there. I have played ME1 4 times through (once on Insanity) and have always had ~10 seconds to spare upon reaching the conduit :/
Maybe it's a bug? If so you might want to email Bioware tech support :/

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It probably is, I'll reload a save. Yah, I shouldn't be strappd for time.
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Okay, I went back and got to the part and it still isn't enough time. Did you get 40 seconds? Also did it stop you before going down too say a few words than show a cutscene?
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I'm thinking maybe it's something to do with visual effects; if there is a "frame limiter" or "vertical sync" try turning it off. I could not complete a mission in GTA: San Andreas without turning off the frame limiter. 
It could also be due to a weak video card; several people have reported this problem around the internet and stated that lowering the visual effects (resolution, texture quality, etc.) helped.

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@Daveyo520 said:
" @Jeust: Okay, I went back and got to the part and it still isn't enough time. Did you get 40 seconds? Also did it stop you before going down too say a few words than show a cutscene? "
Just saw a youtube video of the PC version. Cutscene, then 40 seconds. You should be able to make it in 30.
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@SlashseveN303: It was my own computer's fault because it is not that good.
I think you are right. It worked when I turned all my setting down. 

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