Matt Rorie new exectuive editor or GameSpy

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Is he going to bring back the Gamespy Debriefings? I hope they don't kick that dead horse in its pussy.

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@WinterSnowblind said:

I guess we'll never know if there was some off screen thing though.

Doubt it, I think it's just a case of having to stay under a certain budget. On top of that, getting that budget expanded for another hire, unless useful in specific ways (like Alex living on the east coast), would be like pulling teeth.

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Recently a retweet by Alex Navaro brought this to my attention. Figured it should have a place for discussion here.

Good to see him back in action, and I can't wait to see a new puppy rating system implemented.

Edit :'at' not 'or' I'm stupid :(

I'm surprised you did not notice "exectuive".

Also: Whoever runs the GiantBombSquad twitter is a dick :P

Ya you should report it to a mod like


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Oh and congrats on the job Rorie.

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God, I can remember playing Unreal Tournament 2 on Gamespy servers way back in the day.

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Powered by Matt Rorie

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Oh ya congrats !

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I'm happy for Rorie, he deserves it.

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Congrats to Mr. Puppy himself. Here's a lil tribute -_-;;

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His introductory letter over on GameSpy is the most formal Rorie I've seen in a long time. No mention of puppies or the length of roads at all. THE HECK?!

Glad he has work and I'll try to stop by GameSpy now to support him.

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I'm glad to hear he has a steady job. I just wish it was here, like many others.

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That's weird. I mean, good for him. But like everyone else, I was hoping he'd end up at GB eventually. :-/

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I dont want to start visiting Gamespy anymore, damn Giantbomb not enticing Rorie with puppies to bring him here

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Aw! I thought he be head of game guides or something.

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I was hoping he'd go somewhere I'd actually care to visit

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@Fobwashed said:

Congrats to Mr. Puppy himself. Here's a lil tribute -_-;;

Nice! I just wanna Chomp that Gamepup.

Building my first PC this week, if Gamespy is all about PC and Rorie now, I have another place to lurk.

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Too bad GB couldn't hire him, but I'm glad he at least got a job. Dude deserves just the best (don't know if Gamespy is that great, but I wish him well)

On a related note, I just found out that GameSpy still exists

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fukkin sweet i visit gamespy on the regular anyway so this is awesome news for me :D

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I'm happy he found work but it should have been at GB dammit.

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Hope they bring back their podcast now.

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Then who's executive editor of I wonder if that still exists. Going there now.


Sadly, no longer exists.

I am sad.

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The only puzzling remainder is the amount of time it took Rorie to obtain employment.

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@Animasta said:

great, now i have to read gamespy THANKS A LOT RORIE

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@mylifeforAiur said:

The only puzzling remainder is the amount of time it took Rorie to obtain employment.

If you listened to the last month or so of the Screened podcast, then you'd know Rorie knows how to let his time go by and go to bars every night with friends. Dude barely got sleep because of that shit too, hopefully he did himself some good and got well rested during this period.

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"Executive" Editor, eh? Sound pretty high up on the food chain to me.

Congrats Rorie! Glad to see you back in the business.

Now if we can just get that puppy rating-scale implemented....

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congrats to him

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Hotline Miami has 2.5 stars on Gamespy, solely because the reviewer sucked at it. Personally I love reading reviews like that as they are immensely entertaining, but it doesn't show up so hot on the credibility front.

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Woah. If anyone can make GameSpy relevant again, it's Rorie. Congrats to him on the new job!

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Really glad Rorie is back to writing things on the internet. I missed him.

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@JJOR64 said:

Good shit to him. Speaking of GameSpy though, that site needs a re-design.

Jeez, yes it does. I barely looks like it's changed at all in the last decade; still gives me that 90's internet vibe. Removing that hideous green gradient in the background would be a huge start (and as a beginning web-designer, it would be extremely easy to do).

But I'm super happy that Rorie could get such a high position right off the bat. It was a tragedy that he could be left out of work at all.

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Being a Gamespy would be a hell of a lot better than being a Gamecop.

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Executive. Nice.

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Love the Rorie. Congrats.

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GameSpy is still a thing? Congrats Rorie, I expect a full puppy rating scale soon.

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Wish he was with GB but damn happy to hear he got work. Go Rorie!

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Good for him. Does Gamespy still produce a podcast? I started listening to it after the 1-Up purge a few years ago since Ryan Scott (of GFW Radio) and Arthur Gies were there for a bit. If not, Matt should resurrect the podcast.

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Happy Rorie has a full time gig again instead of just free lancing. Would have been better if it was here at GB, but a good thing nonetheless.

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Gamespy is still a thing? what?

Anyways great news for Rorie, looking forward to him making some content, although I have to start visiting gamespy, weird.

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"A short introduction to a man who loves PC games and puppies."

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GameSpy still exists, it's just been undercover for a really long time.

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Rorie went over to Rival Video Game Website?

That fuckin' traitor!

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<p>What the ACTUAL FUCK!?! Gamespy is being dissolved? Matt finally got hired and now, just a month later, his site is shutting down... How is this a thing that just happened?</p>

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This is pretty sad.

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He was only there a month? Really? I thought it was like September when he got the position, that fucking sucks

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that is absolutely brutal. hope he bounces back quickly.

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