Max Payne 3 Preview in Game Informer

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If you're looking forward to play the game, you need to GO and read it NOW!
The preview mentions a lot of new and interesting stuff such as the optional cover system, improved bullet-time. The article also explains why Max looks so bald, etc.
[ LINK ]

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I love the Max Payne series and I am pumped for the third game, but I just can't stop thinking Sam Fisher when I see the new pictures of Max.

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That was a pretty good read. I'm more confident the game will be a 'Max Payne' game now.

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@Gump said:
" @Br3adfan: Reason! "
... where's sam fisher in the equation ?
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I'm still not convinced. Seems more Rocky V than Die Hard 4.0, if anyone out there gets what I mean.

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They say hes more muscled but he just looks fat to me, I mean hes got a beer belly going in some of those screenshots.
Also the new storyline reminds me a lot of that movie "Man on Fire"

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@Ahmad_Metallic: LOLOLOL. Equation?
We are discussing about Max Payne here. No one else.
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@Gump: no i mean.... br3adfan said he sees Sam Fisher in the new max payne, and you linked to a thread about the similarity between the new max and the Max Payne 2 max.... hows that related to sam fisher ?
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@Ahmad_Metallic: 'cuz some gamers believe that Max Payne 3 looks like Sam Fisher, but in reality Max Payne 2 and Max Payne 3 are supossed to be the same. Look at br3adfan.
Did you get it?
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@Gump: mhm
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Looks good, literally. Good visuals from the screenshots provided. I just want to play this game! ;(

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The link wont load. Just sits at a white screen for a while then says timed out.

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It looks like an interesting game with a newer look than I saw before. Good article too.

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@Gump said:
@Ahmad_Metallic: 'cuz some gamers believe that Max Payne 3 looks like Sam Fisher, but in reality Max Payne 2 and Max Payne 3 are supossed to be the same. Look at br3adfan.Did you get it?
He still reminds me of Sam Fisher
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Judging from what I saw here, it "feels" nothing like Max Payne. At least not the Max Payne I knew and loved. Whether or not that's a good thing remains to be seen.

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