mjhealy's Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 (Wii) review

It may have some problems, but this a decent shooter

First person shooters on the Wii haven't made much of an impact (bar Metroid Prime 3) so far and Medal of Honor Heroes 2 tries to stop that and puts up a good effort at that.

A major pro for the game is the online multiplayer. You play across 6 maps in 6 different modes. You use EA Nation to use the online which is a relief that you don't have to use those damn friend codes. The controls in Heroes 2 work well, very well for that matter. Where most Wii ports fall is in the controls department but EA have done a great job with the controls. The Wii Zapper can be used as well but does not work as well. The controls work well with the gameplay, which is quick paced and won't have you standing around planning tactics.
Though the multiplayer and controls work well, the same can't be said with the single player. One of the biggest flaws with it is the terrible AI. Who at times will fire straight into walls, get stuck into the environment and run straight of enemy fire. The single player campaign is good but hardly great. It's just the same old tried and tested gameplay you normally find in every World War 2 FPS. You'll blowing up guns and mowing down endless waves of nazi's. It's length is about 6-8 hours and is what you except from a shooter. There is also an Arcade mode, which works well with the Wii Zapper. It's a good addition, but it's not as good as the other modes.
The graphics in Heroes 2 is a mixed bag. While overall the game runs smoothly and is quite colourful for a WW2 shooter, the character models are poor and there is the odd pop-up here and there. The music and sound is what you come to expect from a Medal of Honor with some good music that fits the game well and good sound coming from guns and explosions.
Overall, Medal of Honor Heroes 2 is still one of the best shooters on the Wii, with it's fast gameplay and soild control scheme. While it still as it flaws, mainly with AI the end result is impressive.


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