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Produced by the Hong Kong-based Welback Holdings, the oddly-named Mega Duck was marketed under a number of companies throughout the world, like Creatronic, Videojet and Cougar USA (hence the redubbing in the US as the Cougar Boy). Welback positioned it as a "rival" to the Game Boy.

The electronics inside the system are oddly similar to those of the Watara Supervision - the positioning of certain components is virtually identical! - with the exception of less cartridge pins and a bigger screen.

Most of the games were produced by Taiwanese company Thin Chen Enterprise, better known as the infamous unlicensed developers Sachen, and they would mostly go on to be ported to the Game Boy as part of multicarts.

Hardware Specifications

  • CPU: MOS version of the Z80 (embedded in the main VLSI )
  • Clock Speed: 4.194304 MHz (= 2 Hz)
  • RAM: 16 KB in two 8K chips (Goldstar GM76C88LFW)
  • System Logic: 80 pins VLSI chip (Just the die on the PCB covered with a blob of epoxy)
  • LCD: 2,7" (48 (h) x 51 (w) mm) STN dot matrix resolution 160×144 at 59.732155 Hz
  • Gray Scales: 4 levels of dark blue on a green background
  • Player Controls: 4 directional keys, A, B, Select and Start keys
  • Other Controls: On/off switch and contrast and volume regulators
  • Sound: Built in speaker (8Ω 200 mW) and stereo headset output
  • Dimensions: 155 (l) x 97 (w) x32 (h) mm
  • Weight: 249 gram (w.o. batteries)
  • Power: Four AA batteries or AC adapter 6VDC/300mA
  • Current Consumption: 700 mW

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