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Melty Blood Actress Again gives every character (including the new characters) three fighting styles. They are Full Moon, Half Moon, and Crescent Moon. These Moon styles are both a movelist and a type of Magic Circuit bar. New characters added are Roa and Riesbyfe Stridberg. The PS2 version also adds Shiki Ryougi from Kara no Kyoukai, Akiha Tohno in her school uniform, and unplayable characters from the arcade version. Also added are new stages and remixed BGMs.

Moon Styles

Crescent Moon Style

For those that want little to no change from Act Cadenza should pick this style. Every character from Act Cadenza in Crescent style has the same movelist intact but some have slight changes and additions. One example is Nanaya's 623B where now the end of his kick ends in a quick grab. The magic circuit bar works the same as well from Act Cadenza. If you have over 100% in your magic circuit, you can enter Heat mode while having max allows you to enter Blood Heat mode.

Full Moon Style

For those that want to start a new life with their character should choose this style. Characters' movelist from Act Cadenza have been replaced with completely different attacks and/or modified current attacks. This style is a little harder to combo with most characters. You can ONLY enter Blood Heat mode ,but in return you can charge up and fill your magic circuit in Dragonball Z fashion.

Half Moon Style

This style is a mix of the movelist of Full Moon and Crescent Moon. You get the best of both styles in the sacrifice that your magic circuit can only go up to 200% (Default = 300%). This means you can ONLY enter Heat mode.

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