You think this game needs a remake?

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Probably the worst game in the series. No.

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No. Super Metroid, yes. It's on the Wii's Virtual Console, but it deserves a true remake. As does Ocarina of Time. 

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Metroid needs a new 2D game, not a remake. Something that takes place after Metroid Fusion.

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@JonathanMoore: Hence remaking and improving it, not just porting it. 
I think giving it a sort of "Metroid Zero Mission" treatment - but with even more effort and on the DS, maybe - could be pretty cool. Even a WiiWare remake with a map and updated graphics would be welcome.
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@JonathanMoore said:
" Probably the worst game in the series. No. "
To be fair, that's not necessairily saying much. It's like saying that Fellowship of the Ring is the worst LOTR movie/book

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