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Metroid Zero Mission

Metroid: Zero Mission is a remake of the original game and a very good one at that. All of the original and newer bosses, weapons, levels, and that classic feeling of exploration made their way into this game. For what is it worth (probably $20 at your local Gamespot/EB) this game is amazing!

Now, many people will tell you that the game is short; 3-5 hours the first time through. In fact, I will tell you, "Yeah, the game is short."


If you want to collect all of the extras, you'll find yourself beating Metroid: Zero Mission many times over. Just like other Metroid games, upon completing the game, depending on your item percentage and finishing time, you'll unlock bonuses. And if you're hardcore, you might try to beat the game as fast as you can just to prove how awesome you are (I think the speed demo record is 28:50 by Luke Yagnow).

Nonetheless, players who only want to go through the game twice will have just as much fun; beating the game once unlocks a new difficulty setting as well as the original NES version of Metroid. All things considered, the game is worth buying.


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Ha. I just found this review by googling my name.

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