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Michael Phelps

Phelps celebrating his win
Michael Phelps, or MP, is an American Olympic Swimmer. He currently holds seven swimming world records and the has 14 career Gold medals, the most of any Olympian to date. All together Phelps has 16 medals including his six gold and two bronze from the 2004 Athens Games. Michael Phelps is more recently known for his now famous "bong pictures" which got him in some trouble.

Michael Phelps in Video Game Ads

Activision has Michael Phelps along with other sports figures, including Tony Hawk, rocking out to Guitar Hero: World Tour to promote the game. In the ad Michael Phelps is playing the bass.


Michael Phelps was photographed using a bong at a college party back in November. The photo was only seen after a British tabloid, "News of the World", published the photo. Michael Phelps did not deny the authenticity of the photo. He did quickly apologize and said it was a stupid mistake. After the press got a hold of the story he was punished by USA Swimming be being suspended for three months. Phelps also lost a contract with the American food company, Kelloggs. Phelps will keep all eight of his gold medals from the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. Since it was after the event and Phelps passed all drug test required. It is not known if this will affect the outcome of Phelps' "Pure Action Game".

Phelps also had been in the trouble in the past. Shortly after the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Phelps was caught drinking and driving and was put on probation.  

Michael Phelp's Video Game

Kotaku has reported the game is going to be published by 505 Games, a largely unknown publisher in the United States. The game is said to focus on swimming, but not with Phelps swimming back and fourth in an Olympic swimming pool, this game will be a "Pure Action Game". Very little else is known at the time. 
On February 2, 2011 it was announced that Michael Phelps and 505 Games a game that is a "competitive sports journey" that will have the player in one of the most realistic  sport simulation ever. The game is supposed to use Kinect as the main input system. Michael Phelps says this about that game, "This definitely isn't your typical video game". The game is scheduled for release around June 2011..      

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