Games like Minecraft???

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Minecraft would be so cool if it had awesome graphics....what games are like Minecraft....that have great graphics?

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you can change skins and stuff in minecraft to tailor it to your tastes but its block based gameplay so it never looks like skyrim or anything. Dont know any alternatives im afraid.

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What do you mean "like Minecraft"? That could be anything from Terriera to Dwarf Fotress to a bunch of games with a designer.

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Dragon Ball Z.

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If graphics are what you're looking for, Minecraft and its ilk probably aren't what you're playing since they're by necessity blocky.

Also, you can add texture packs into Minecraft that make it look different and better. There's one called "Photorealism" or something like that that makes it look pretty clean and clear from what I've seen. You can try that.

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Download some shader mods and high res texture packs and it looks great.

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oh god this made me lol hard

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Errrrr I don't know. Does it really matter? I think Minecraft looks awesome anyway

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This is one of the most redundant things ever.

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Dragon Age 2 also MGS4 to a lesser degree.

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Garry's Mod. 
Little Big Planet.

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This is one of the most redundant things ever.

You mean this thread?

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You won't find a better game graphic wise than Minecraft or Terraria.

If you haven't tried Technic for Minecraft yet, you should. It might get you back to playing Minecraft again like it did for me. It's basically a huge mod complication that's really easy to install.

Here's a few similar games I can think of:

That Technic is pretty sweet... Any idea how easy it is to get that Tekkit working? Would love to have some mod action on the local server I put up when I play with a couple of friends.

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Terraria is as close as you're going to get to the same gameplay. It's 2D instead of 3D but it doesn't have that blocky visual style.

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The only game that plays just like Minecraft but with Crysis level graphics that I can think of is Real Sound.

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The Sims.

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@BioFinix: *Gasp* Necromancer!

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@Irvandus: erm....whut? :L

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