razor's Mirror's Edge (PC) review

You are Trinity.....FROM THE MATRIX FOOL :D!!

*Mirrors Edge closely copies the first Matrix movie without getting sued.* 
**Think CRYSIS with maximum speed on all the time and no weapons.**
***Graphics are almost as good as Crysis on High and Warhead on Gamer****

Gameplay- (The gameplay is extremely similar to Crysis without the cool guns)
You actually feel like your Trinity from the movie when your jumping and sliding and dodging bullets (not actual dodging, just enemies not hitting you).  Its a total rush when everything, every step goes according to plan and your just in the zone.  However, when your mentally unable to figure out where to jump next, the game slows to a crawl and frustration and keyboard bashing may occur.  There are instances where a jump is as easy as pie but, the game throws stuff at you that you never thought you could have done before.  In these instances, you feel enraged by Faith as she somehow cannot grab on some ledges that seem totally with the game design.  There are also gunfights which seem half-assed and guns only last several bullets before you throw them away and also it makes you slow as hell.  If you take out the gunplay and the frustrating puzzles, its a TOTAL RUSH GAME BABY!!

Sound design-
The music is hit or miss depending on how much you like or hate ambient music (think Celine Dion without the voice work).  Other sounds coming from Faith as she runs as fast as she can is right on and so is the sound effects from the environments. 

As good as Crysis on High or Warhead on Gamer.  Seriously, coming from a gtx 260 black edition, I managed to max out this game on the highest settings with 16xq AA on 1280x1024 and got 60fps lock during the entire game (I did notice framerate drops to 50 but that was because of loading).  Its stunning except for the physix bug which you have to turn off or it will crash your game.  I did test the game with the 1.01 patch and still the game crashs.  With physix on, the game is practically a Crysis level without the explosions and breakable buildings.

Optimization for PC-
This game is extremely optimized except for the mentioned physix bug.

Its about 3-6 hours depending on how ridiculously good or bad you are :D.  Its replayable, but only for perfectionists.

Other thoughts-
Please DICE, I bought this game off STEAM and would like part 2 of Mirrors Edge, but for gods sake CLEAN UP THE GUNPLAY and TEDIOUS PUZZLES.


Posted by CandiBunni

What makes the puzzles so tedious and frustrating? The gunplay isn't what this game is about, so of course they aren't going to spend a lot of effort to make it absolutely great. You run out of ammo quickly because they don't want you to just go around shooting everything. Of course you're going to have some weight when carrying around a big metal gun. You can't just carry an assault rifle and expect to run like lighting. This game isn't about shooting, or gunfights, it's not a first person shooter. It's a first person action-adventure/platformer and that's how you should try to play it as.

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