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Misato is Misaki's older sister. She is Yuuji's homeroom teacher and Japanese history teacher at Sakuragaoka Academy. Misato is clumsy and air-headed like her sister Misaki but by several magnitudes more severe. She drives a car but is horrible at it. She is also prone to losing her belongings.

Misato has the ability to take someone's body measurement by touching them. She heads the Environmental Protection Committee (EPC) which also contains Rei, Misaki, and Kozue. Misato is obsessed with Toshizo Hijikata of the Shinsengumi.

Sumiyoshi has a crush on Misato but she turned him down due to her being his teacher.

On Misato's path, Yuuji revealed to Sumiyoshi that he too had fallen for Misato. Sumiyoshi wished him luck.

On Christmas Day, Misato gave Yuuji a scarf that she had knitted. He also confessed his feelings for her. On New Year's Day, she approached Yuuji drunk and confessed her feelings for Yuuji.

At the start of the new term, Misato invited Yuuji to the EPC room for coffee. She inquired about his plans after he graduated. He explained that Misato had inspired him to be a teacher.

Later, Yuuji went on a date with Misato. The group became suspicious and decided to spy on them. Misaki was initially upset but later became supportive of their relationship. Sumiyoshi made Yuuji promise to treat her well.

On Valentine's Day, Misato was a little late in giving Yuuji chocolates. He became upset. That night, Misato visited him at his home to bake 2 cakes with him.

When Misato and Yuuji were on the school's roof, the Vice-Principal discovered them. He then wanted to end their relationship to preserve the school's image. Misato took all the blame and claimed that Yuuji was only a child. The group decided to try to help him. They also received help from Kataoka, the English teacher.

Misato end
Misato end

Later, Kataoka revealed that the school board had decided to transfer Misato to another school in a month's time. Yuuji fell into depression. The next day, Misato visited Yuuji at his home and talked to him.

One month later on Misato's last day at Sakuragaoka, Yuuji didn't want to go to school. Sumiyoshi was angered and punched Yuuji, reminding him of the promised that he made. Yuuji then rushed to school with the help of the group and he declared his love for Misato.

Some time later, Yuuji transferred to the school where Misato was sent to.

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