How bad has it ever gotten for you?

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First off, this is not a complaint or rant post. To be honest, I know I suck at MW2. I mean real bad. This is about me setting a new standard for "suck". Just FYI, to give you some perspective on my skill level. I usually go like 12 and 14 or 18 and 22. Usually dying a smidge more than killing. But I always Stinger air support and go for flag captures. Try to help the team y'know? 
I just finished two matches in a row where it was just absolutely messy as I've ever seen it. First game, I went 1 and 16. Joined a Domination game in progress already. I don't remember how bad the second game was. Literally, I would spawn and die within 10 seconds. If it wasn't dying right after spawning. It was just dying for just leaving my spawn. 
Here, let me give you some examples: 
-Spawn,  look around for a 1 second to see that I'm not getting flanked. Start to move. Take 5 steps, a Predator Missile hits me. 
-Spawn again, I run for cover right away. Look at the map at the same time. Looks good. Think I'll peak around that corner. Or damn, I've been sniped. 
-Spawn again. Okay...that corner is being covered by a good sniper. Let's go the other way. Gonna move to the end of this shack here and ...damn, grenade just got lobbed into here. I'm dead again. 
-Spawn again. Alright, just sprint and get out of this part of the map! Cross my fingers, cross my fingers, cross my fingers.....whew! Made it to an area that looks clear. Let's see if I can flank on the side and help dislodge some of the other team that are camping out and covering all these lanes. Ah damn....Predator Missile just hit me.  
-Spawn again.  Oh wow, we've switched spawns now. Cool, good time for me to come back in from a different angle. There's a guy who just came around a corner with a Spas 12 in his hand. Got this. He's still far away and the shotgun isn't good at range. Gonna take a knee, aim down sight, got sleight of hand pro going, aiming is quick. Burst to the head and he's dead. Damn I'm dead. SPAS 12 can kill from that far with one shot? 
-Spawn again. Alright, gotta help the team. Flag A is real close. Looks like all the fighting has moved over to the ....damn I'm dead again. Predator Missile again? Let me watch the kill camera. Hmm......there's like 4 squares real close together. Why is the controller of the missile avoiding those four squares and going for the one square all the way off to the side that's me? I'm not even by the flag yet....  
-Spawn again. Man, this is bad. Gotta get it together. Let me move together with the rest of the team. Cool, we're going into this area together. If we encounter someone, they can only kill one of us before the other two mow him down. Damn I'm dead. Let me watch the kill camera. Sniper with an Intervention eh? There he is aiming at my team mate. Oh look, my team turns and goes left just as the sniper pulls the trigger. Guess who is 30 feet behind my team mate? That would be me.  
-About to spawn again. I hear enemy Harrier coming in. Let me switch to class with a Stinger. Got it....good! Damn, that building is in the way. Let me scoot a little to the left and ....damn.....just got hit by a grenade launcher. 
This was my match. I was literally pinned down no matter where I went. I think the opposite team had to be all friends who were working together. On top of that, they were all veteran players. They had every avenue covered. I mean every single way you can go from one side of the map to the other. Every angle was being covered. Yes, it was campy of them. For Domination, they were keeping us from getting a 2nd flag. We just couldn't move out of our half of the map at all. Plus, killstreak wise, they were getting a ton of Predator Missiles. They were literally going off about every 30 seconds to a minute during a point in the game.  
Also, to tell you how well these guys play, I would post up on a spot that I thought wasn't too predictable. Look down my sights and wait for them to come around a corner. Yeah, I was camping. But since they were too, figure I would right? Then an enemy silhouette would appear down the road. Just emerged into view from around a corner. Time to shoot! Nope. Even though he was running. He saw me, stopped, and shot me first. From really far too! Guess my spot wasn't so unpredictable. I don't think there's any unpredictable spots for these guys. 
Anyways, ever been in a game like this? Or is it just me? Y'know, because...I really really suck. You combine that with going up against a veteran team working together and that's a bad recipe for me. I really wish I had I had a way of recording my games. That game was so bad, I really think people would've been entertained with how fast I was getting owned over and over. It was really a new unbelievable low for me. :)

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I feel sorry for you bro.
In my opinion campers ruin the game, and you were just getting owned by campers.
I'd say my worse is about 0-20.
Entire team was using noobtubes, One Man Army-Danger Close.

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You don't suck, it's the spawns.  
There is a difference between defensive play and camping.  
Defensive play: Patrolling a section of the map; a building or 2 or a field
Camping: Sitting in a corner faced at an entrance without moving. 
But yeah I can sometimes go from 25-2 to 5-12, it's a game of luck mostly. 
I find when I'm in the kind of games you describe it's just best to leave and search another playlist for a while, then come back to it :) 

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I actually don't mind a little bit of camping. Yes, getting killed by a camper can be annoying, but camping has a weakness too. Next time I spawn, I know where that guy is. Usually, there's an easy answer. I'll flashbang or stun grenade his hiding spot, go in with full auto shotgun and spray him down. That, or I'll break out my noobtube and lob one into the window. Or see 3 other guys who have been killed by that camper run toward him and I join the posse. 4 of us usually can take one camper down easy. Yeah, first guy in the room gets killed usually. Or even if its a super fast twitch guy, he kills the first guy, knifes the second guy, but the last two usually get him. 
What amazed me was how well the opposite team was camping and not getting dislodged at all. I mean, they wouldn't even move from their spots and we still couldn't get to them. They would spot us coming and shoot us down quick. Even when they were a bunch of us. They also had really good guys free-roaming around. About 2 of them I think. They would keep us guessing and on our toes. Also run interference for the campers on their own team.  
If I camp, I usually displace after a kill. The guy you just killed knows your spot now right? So I move. But these guys didn't move hardly at all. They were crazy good at camping. 

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I've had it bad...but never as bad as you. the only time I get it bad is when its chopper gunner otherwise I managed to survive most of the time.

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You've got some good ideas and you're thinking ahead so it just sounds more like bad luck then sucking. I dunno. I'm not super great at it but I'm not terrible either. Guess I'm just a bit luckier then most people. It does get bad from time to time but it doesn't really bother me.

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Im curious to what guns you are using to perform that bad
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man that sucks, hope the multiplayer gets better in black ops
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I'm not very good at the game either, but when I do play, even though it might piss people off a lot and I'm being 'that guy', I use an RPG for everything. You walk into a small corridor where we're almost knifing distance apart? RPG. You're half-way across the map, sniping dudes from a window? RPG. Funny thing is about all this is 90% of the time I end up with more kills than deaths. Can't have fun online anymore without an RPG lol.

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I think I'm pretty good at the game....I frequently have games where my k/d ratio is 2 or more....but I also have odd games where i get screwed over getting like 10 more deaths than I have kills but its usually not game in paticular was a hacked game where two hackers on the other team used hacked guns and got chopper gunners every 10 seconds and if you got hit by one bullet you were dead (this wasn"t hardcore mode) and cold blooded didn't help any...when I spawned I got killed by the chopper gunner right away even when my painkiller deathstreak came I had like 20 more deaths than kills that game.

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In the case of MW2, it's not you that's being terrible. It's the game.

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I got way too burned out on that game fairly quickly. That's about how I am with most online games though. I'll play it for a while but just move onto something else. 

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I took an extended break from that game after being killed by my own martyrdom grenade.....

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@ShadowofIntent said:

" I took an extended break from that game after being killed by my own martyrdom grenade..... "

Wow, that's gotta be some really bad spawn luck. 
Oddly enough, earlier this sunday I had a great game. Went like 23 and 18. Yeah, that's just pathetic to those guys who make those youtube videos. But for me that's great. On top of it, I scored really high due to also getting a lot of flag captures. Times like that where I enjoy the game. 
Now flash forward later on. Working late and I decide to take a break and play some MW2. Got into a game on Skidrow where literally....I'm not exaggerating here... I was knifed 5 times in a row. Two of those times was when I came around a corner, saw the guy, unloaded with my AA12 at about 8 feet away, and they still got me with the knife. Wow. We should tell SWAT guys to forget using shotguns. They should be entering dangerous rooms with knives. :) 
Speaking of some amazing knives. Y'know ... I've seen videos of people using glitches or cheats. However, I don't think I've ever experienced any in the games I've played in. Or at least, not any time I was aware of. Okay, one time I saw a guy get on top of the middle Offices building in Derail. Don't think that was on the up and up. Other than that...never seen anything crazy cheating. 
Well, yesterday I finally saw something really goofy broken. I was on Favela. I saw a guy launch a grenade at me. It missed and hit a wall, so i lived. A split second later, I was knifed. No biggie. Figure someone snuck in behind me while I was concentrating on the guy with the grenade launcher. Then I watched the Kill Camera. 
If you guys have an over head view of Favela, this is how it went: 

I was in the Playground. Southwest corner by the seesaw I guess. The guy with the grenade launcher was south of me at the southwest corner of the Yellow Building. By the stairs that go up to the Crackhouse. In the Kill Cam, he launches his M203 underslung 'nade launcher and hits the wall to the left of the playground and stairs that go to Side Street. It explodes, I'm still alive. In the kill camera you see me moving to the right and out of view. Basically moving east to put the Yellow Building between me and the launcher and deny LOS.  Then this weird Star Trek warp thing happens, some of the graphics along the side distort and he flys through the air, bends to the right after flying through the air and passing the west side of the yellow building and hits me with a knife.  
Has anyone ever been a victim to this? The guided missile flying knife attack that covers like...40-50 feet? 
First time I've ever seen it.
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it sucks when there are a lot of campers. it is just stupid of them to do that as it is easy to get kills camping. i've done that before because of campers.

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2-0-20+ happened one time when it was a full clan of Snipers on Estate against me and one other guy. Everyone else we were playing with dropped out and no one else came in so it was 2 on 6. Getting repeatedly picked off for 10 minutes is about as enjoyable as you can imagine. Especially when it's by smug, American children.

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@BeefWaterfall: That sounds like one awesome and cheap glitch. I'd love to just see it once and then I'd get pissed if it kept happening.
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Gotta suck brah

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MW2 is always a cyclical game and by that I mean you always have your good and bad matches. 

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I have never had it bad in Modern Warfare 2.  I always stuck wit Mercenary Team Deathmatch and I found little to no cheating/exploiting.
The lowest point I ever got to in the game was being killed by a smoke grenade hitting me in the head.

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@CitizenKane: You know what they say! Smoking kills! arf arf arf
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I honestly just stopped playing the game all together. I actually went back and played yesterday for the hell of it and quit after half of a match. Its not that i suck, it just feels so generic and repetitive. I dont want to be one of those people that says its for noobs and is rehashed garbage, but it is not my kind of game thats for sure. Hell i still play socom confrontation a few times a week and that game was a broken mess when it came out. 

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I cannot play that game anymore without getting frustrated. I kind of want to break it. 
That game started out good and than was ruined by exploit after exploit. Pro Pipes/ Skill Cylinders(sarcasm) being one of the many exploits that bugs me the most. I cant join a game without getting toobed.

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I use this game as a coaster now.  I really don't like this game, the campers ruin it for me.  Ass we all know the kill streaks promote camping.  My friend call me a fag for not playing mw2 when he is one of those campers that ruin the game for everyone

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There's always the Barebones mode where Killstreaks aren't allowed.  My brother's been sticking to that exclusively for about a week now, and seems to be having a lot more fun than when he was getting wasted by a harrier every ten seconds.

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I have had some bad games. Never without a kill, but just frustrating as all hell.  
I am just burnt out on those type of games in general. I played Halo 2 and 3 for about 3 years pretty hardcore. Did the same with cod4 and just really don't want to play those type of multiplayer shooters anymore. Bad Company 2 was a nice change of pace but eventually i stopped playing that too. I would much rather play a good single player or co-op game like red dead or borderlands. 

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@natetodamax said:
" In the case of MW2, it's not you that's being terrible. It's the game. "
very very true.
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Don't hate the player, hate the game.
Seriously, I do enjoy playing MW2, but there are certain design flaws that give people who use them an unfair advantage.

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Play CoD4. That game is good. And now for the best thing I have ever done:

I highly recommend you do the same.
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Yeah like most people have said its not your fault you did bad. Its the spawn system thats messed up, you basically spawn on a large group of enemies if the connection is good enough. 
Worst? Idk, it was probably when I was playing sabotage and went to make a sandwhich during the game. Came back with like 22-47. 
Ended on 40something to late 50's :P Stole a chopper gunner out of my friends emergency airdrop XD
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@Djeffers03: You could have sold that for 20 to 30 bucks and got another game with it :P.
Anyways, I sold the game awhile back, but I did usually enjoy myself.  I had games like the one you described occasionally though.
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@memo said:
" My friend call me a fag for not playing mw2 when he is one of those campers that ruin the game for everyone "

#33 Posted by Djeffers03 (2537 posts) -
@xobballox: And let another poor soul get their hands on that garbage? NEVER. Djeffers03: Saving people from frustration one disk at a time.
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One match I got into it had just started when suddenly everyone began lagging and I was warping and then suddenly game over and the opposite team had a full 250 points to 0.

#35 Posted by davidwitten22 (1712 posts) -
@Make_Me_Mad said:
" There's always the Barebones mode where Killstreaks aren't allowed.  My brother's been sticking to that exclusively for about a week now, and seems to be having a lot more fun than when he was getting wasted by a harrier every ten seconds. "
This! The only way I can play MW2 is to play Objective Barebones Pro. I suck at it, but killstreaks ruin the game for me. And camping seems to be less on Objective Barebones Pro on PS3. On 360 camping seems to be worse. That's probably just bad luck on my part though.
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I love COD4 pc and I got MW2 free with a graphics card but I can only play it for 15 minutes at a time before it annoys the shit out of me.  Campers and noob tubers especially.

#37 Posted by Raymayne (1230 posts) -

Sometimes I can go +20 and then the next game I go -20, a lot of the time the game is completely based on the luck of the spawns. The constant glitches and exploits don't help. Got in a game yesterday where crates just seemed to constantly fall from the sky all over the map and everyone was calling in EMPs and Chopper Gunners every 5 seconds :|

#38 Posted by JBird (568 posts) -

I got called a hardscoping noob yesterday, it was my moment of wishing i had enough mates who played ps3 so i wouldnt have to put up with 12yr olds trying to make youtube montages.  But seriously. i love a good bit of COD but this game can stress you out like no other. i always get annoyed if i die too much.
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I hate the game so much but some how I always get absorbed in to it if I get noob tubed I just keep on trucking even to point were I want to rip my hair out but thats normal right?

#40 Posted by Example1013 (4855 posts) -

Personally, right now I'm using the bullshit tube/One Man Army/Claymore/Danger Close class. Two reasons. One, it's not overpowering for me, because I suck with it. Two, I want it removed from the game. And the more people do it, the more people complain, and the faster it gets patched.
So basically, everyone make the class and spam it until it's gone!

#41 Posted by Krummey (223 posts) -
@example1013 said:
" Personally, right now I'm using the bullshit tube/One Man Army/Claymore/Danger Close class. Two reasons. One, it's not overpowering for me, because I suck with it. Two, I want it removed from the game. And the more people do it, the more people complain, and the faster it gets patched.  So basically, everyone make the class and spam it until it's gone! "
Fantastic idea!
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My friend is addicted to MW2 on the PS3 and he's been trying to get me to play this game and from what I have gathered from many hours of watching him play online and times I've played online is this: 
This is the kind of game that has certain annoyances that could be considered game design flaws. Yet, to get good at this game you have to perfect said annoyances and flaws to build a "strategy". It's almost like the game forces... nay, rewards you for succumbing to the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em." mentality. 
Screw that.
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so bad i cut no more modern warfare 2 into my arms so i remember never to play it again

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I never really had it that bad in the game either, at least not for extended periods of time. If I got stuck in a match against a ton of campers and noobtubers, most would either leave after the game was over, or I'd just switch lobbies and be in a better one. Switching to Team Tactical over Ground War really helped make a difference too. And I love playing without killstreaks now. The only thing I ever hated was being dropped into a game in which a Chopper Gunner was going nuts on the spawn points from the moment I entered, basically killing me five or six times and then setting up a nuke for the other side, all without me ever hitting a button. But that only happened like... three times.
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i went 0-49 once
but i was killing myself with an RPG since the second death, i was pissed that i didnt hit 50
i was playing with friends

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I normally have about a 1.50 K/D ratio. But obviously everyone has their bad days too. Just yesterday I remember joining a match late (about half way through a Sabotage game on Trailer Park) and the other team already had 3 AC130's earned. I didn't have a proper Cold Blooded class set up and everyone else was just clustering around me so needless to say I died as soon as I spawned into the game. I then continued to die while trying to get a good enough distance away from my teammates without ColdBlooded on, however, Trailer Park doesn't leave you much room for running around/away when your team was already getting spawn killed left right and centre. I think i finished the match about 5-0-23. I'm pretty sure thats the worst I've ever done... However, the next match it was my turn and I think I ended up going like 20-10 or something around there. Just have to accept that you can't win 'em all and sometimes the teams just aren't divided equally. 

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I had a private round recently where I was something like 2-17, it was not pretty. No death streak in the world could have saved me from that epic thrashing.

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@BeefWaterfall: If you were in my team i would be yelling at you and calling you a noob and idiot to be honest, i can´t stand people that go 1 /16 .

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