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One of the top 5 greatest games ever...

I've played games for a long time, and I've played all of the greats from Starcraft to Half Life 2 to GTA IV to WOW to Resident Evil 4, but now here we are with Modern Warfare 2, the most anticipated game of the decade, will it live up to its expectations, all the hype, all the drama surrounding it; was it worth it???
Visuals: Best multi-system graphics ever
 The visuals are astounding. The environments that are created are really amazing, whether its debris flying through the air, or snow, or fire and smoke, the engine manages to keep up with it all the way. The cinematics look like something from Saving Private Ryan, and feel really..really epic, to say the least. The character models are excellent, and the facial animations are just as good as Resident Evil 5. 
Audio: Excellent voice acting, and amazing sound effects
 The voice acting is the best non-bioware voice acting I've ever heard. Keith David should get a video game oscar for his role, because he is excellent, even better than Kiefer Sutherland and Gary Oldman were in World at War. Not to mention the ones returning from MW 1 are also very good. The sound effects are astounding, and the radio chatter is especially moving, as you hear gunfire over the radio, along with really realistic crackling sounds, and call signs. 
 Gameplay: The same good ol stuff
 The game is once again very smooth and sleek feeling.  You really feel like a professional this time around. You are made to feel like a beast who has a huge arsenal of weapons at his hand, and you are able to dispatch your enemies with them handily. The guns feel excellent when shooting them, and some gun additions like thermal scopes, and being able to have a shotgun and auto-fire on the same gun, really deepen the gameplay. New weapons like the predator missile add a whole new dimension to the gameplay.
Story: You can never catch your breath
 The story is really excellent and well thought out. People have made a fuss saying that the gameplay was designed before the story, but I don't buy it. The dialogue is really good, and the twists in the story are excellent and will keep you guessing at every turn. Whether you're with a submarine, climbing cliffs, waving flares, launching missiles, sniping from helicopters, or looking at earth from space, then you are in for one hell of a ride. The ending is a really great cliff hanger remincent of the previous game, and there will be a "modern Warfare 3". 
Campaign: Very Well broken up
The campaign does an excellent job of keeping you focused with the gameplay. They give you tools to use, but you really get to use them, take for instance the predator missile, which comes in handy quite a bit. There are also a lot of moments that really showcase the maturity of Soap's character through the years, and how much he's learned from Captain Price. There are so many differnet sequences that the campaign isn't just shooting guys while aiming down your sights. Infinity Ward made a brilliant choice to make it single player only, because you would lose so much to the overall experience if you had to play this alongside a friend.
Special Opps mode: A brilliant set piece that adds ten times as much to the game than Nazi Zombies.
Special Opps mode allows for cooperative gameplay, with some brilliant ideas, such as a Horde Mode, a bomb disarm mode, an escort mode, and a kill the enemy without killing the civlains mode. These modes are really excellent and are great fun especially if you don't feel like cracking open the multiplayer on a given night.
Multiplayer: People will talk about it Ten years from now
This multiplayer needs to take a shit on Halo 3, because it blows it away in every regard. The perk system has been expanded. The customizable killstreaks add a lot of variety to your bonuses, and the death streaks are great ways to keep noobs interested in it. The maps are perfectly designed with just the number of sniper positions. The customization options are really mindblowing, because now you can literally play just to fit your preference, you don't have to just run and gun, which allows you to approach game modes like a chess match using the right pieces at the right time. The greatest part of the game.
Whether you want a thrilling story, with production values of a hollywood blockbuster, or an addicting multiplayer that you're going to lose sleep over, then Modern Warfare 2 is the game for you, and not just you but anyone who plays games. 


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