holabendez's Modern Warfare 2 (PlayStation 3) review

Over the top, in a good way

 Modern Warfare 2 takes all the strong elements of the original Modern Warfare and cranks it up to eleven. The quality gameplay is still there, but the story just goes over the top – in a good way. Any semblance to reality goes out the door in favour of jaw dropping sequences. This coupled with a really strong multiplayer element, including a co-op feature, makes it pretty clear why this game is so damn popular.    


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    Surprising small things 0

    If it's possible Modern Warfare 2 took me by surprise.    For a bunch of reasons I just didn't have very high expectations for this game.  The reviews bashed the single player, I wasn't the biggest fan of Infinity Ward's last offering and thought it to be greatly overrated.   The single player for this game turned out far better than I was expecting.     The story was crazy--but to be honest that's kind of fine by me.  I kind of like that it's got that ridiculous quality that a lot of action gam...

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