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Nosgoth's grand manipulator and eternal gamester; Moebius was the Pillar Guardian of Time, which allowed him to travel back and forth in time and gave him the foresight to manipulate the events to his liking. He uses this power to serve the Elder God and vanquish the vampires from Nosgoth. He carries an old Sarafan scepter with him,which disables any vampire near it.

He is voiced by Richard Doyle in all the games. 


Moebius was born centuries ago, when vampires and human co-existed together in peace. During those times, human guardians were converted to vampires after a certain age. But under the Elder God's influence, Moebius and Mortanius revolted and refused to be turned. This started the ageless war between the vampires and humans.  

Moebius posing as the Oracle
Blood Omen

Moebius is introduced as an old benevolent sorcerer and a trusted Oracle at the start of Blood Omen. When a young Kain approaches him at the start of Blood Omen, seeking advice on how to deal with Malek the paladin, Moebius shows him visions of past and future to manipulate him. He tells Kain about an old vampire named Vorador and how he slaughtered the Circle of Nine five centuries ago. He also tries to influence Kain by showing him visions of the Nemesis and how he would conquer and destroy all Nosgoth if Kain didn't intervene.

Falling for his carefully laid trap, Kain ventures into Avernus Cathedral and finds a time streaming device. With Moebius's words still ringing in his head, Kain traveled fifty years into the past and killed the young King William the Just before he became the Nemesis. Moebius also makes sure that both of them had the Soul Reaver blade at the time of the confrontation. This creates a paradox which changed the course of history. Moebius uses this event as a catalyst to ignite a genocidal crusade against the vampires. Realizing his mistake, Kain confronts the Timestreamer, who is also revealed to be the Guardian of the Pillar of Time. Moebius tries to protect himself using summoned creatures but ultimately fails. Kain kills Moebius and uses his hourglass to repair the Pillar of Time.

But by the end of the game, Kain realized how Moebius had already won by making sure he was the last vampire in all of Nosgoth. Kain was faced with a choice of either sacrificing himself and saving Nosgoth thus ending the vampire race or refuse the sacrifice and damn the Pillars thus condemning Nosgoth to corruption. Either way, Kain is unable to fulfill his destiny as the Scion of Balance. The game leaves the choice to the player but the canon ending is that Kain refuses the sacrifice.

Soul Reaver and Soul Reaver 2

The Timestreamer
At the end of Soul Reaver, Raziel travels to Nosgoth's past - to a time when Moebius was still alive and the Pillars are still standing. Set thirty years before the events of Blood Omen, the story in Soul Reaver 2 starts with Moebius welcoming Raziel and proposing an alliance between the two. Fully knowing about Moebius's history, Raziel sees through his games and rejects the offer. Moebius still wants to help Raziel in his quest to kill Kain. He leads the wraith to the Pillars of Nosgoth, where Kain is waiting. Moebius hopes that Raziel would kill Kain but Raziel continues to defy him by sparing the vampires life multiple times throughout the game.

When Raziel refused to kill Kain, he changed the course of history. This undermined what Moebius knew about the future and thus compromised his foresight and knowledge. Scared by Raziel's wild card nature, Moebius decides to get rid of him by sending him to a century in the future. While there, Raziel encounters a world torn apart by Kain's refusal to sacrifice himself. He also finds Moebius's ghost who is haunted by Kain's continued existence. Raziel leaves this troubled ghost alone and finds his way back into Nosgoth's past.

Moebius and Mortanius defying the vampires

This time Raziel travels to five centuries before the events of Blood Omen, during the time of the Sarafan Crusades. He finds Moebius in this time period too. Moebius uses Raziel to trap Janos Audron and by disabling his wraith blade, forces Raziel to use the corporel Soul Reaver, knowing fully well what it would do to him. As Vorador takes revenge on the Circle of Nine for Janos's murder, Moebius uses Malek as a watchdog for Raziel, thus disabling the paladin from fulfilling his duty as the Circle's protector. This act of manipulation and betrayal leads to the events of Blood Omen.


Moebius again plays a very important role in Defiance. The game starts where Soul Reaver 2 finishes, five centuries before Kain would make his fateful decision. The future Kain has traveled back in time to search for Raziel. He seeks out Moebius to find out his location. As he approaches, he finds the Timestreamer talking to a mysterious stone (unknown to him, its the Elder God). Fully aware of the coming ambush, Moebius seizes control of the situation by using his staff against Kain. This disables the vampire as he simply walks away, insulting Kain along the way.

Kain impales Moebius
As Kain regains his powers, he approaches Moebius a second time but makes sure of disposing him of his precious staff beforehand. Caught without his only defense, Moebius succumbs and guides Kain to the ancient Vampire Citadel. While at the citadel, Kain finds a mural depicting how the ancient vampires used to convert the human pillar guardians to vampires when they reach a certain age. Moebius and Mortanius lead a revolt against this tradition and claimed the pillars for their own. This indicates that Moebius was extremely old indeed and has been the Time Guardian for ages. Still at the citadel, Kain finds an Oracle, who in reality is Moebius's true master - the Elder God. He helps Kain find Raziel by transporting him to the future where Raziel was. This ensures the fateful meeting between Raziel and Kain, as he and Moebius had planned all along.

End of Moebius
Moebius next appears inside Vorador's mansion as Raziel returns after killing Kain. He has just captured Vorador and reveals it to Raziel that he fell for their trap by killing Kain. Cunning as ever, Moebius escapes as Raziel is forced to battle his vampire hunters. Soon after Vorador's execution, Moebius is killed by a young Kain (as the events of Blood Omen unfold). The Elder God however resurrects Moebius once again and summons him to the Spirit Forge inside the Vampire Citadel. A surprised Moebius is ambushed by Kain at the forge. He tries to use the scepter on Kain but fails as he no longer possesses the " Heart of Darkness ". Kain impales him with the Reaver and a shocked Moebius proclaims that his master would resurrect him once again for his loyal service.

However, events do not turn out as the timestreamer had planned. In the spectral realm, as his spirit prays to the Elder God for his life, Raziel impales Moebius with his wraith blade. At this moment, Moebius finally sees the "God" he was worshiping - a giant squid with innumerable eyes. Horrified, his soul is devoured by Raziel and thus ends the life of Nosgoth's eternal gamester.


[ Soul Reaver 2, Greeting Raziel:] Raziel...  Redeemer and destroyer... pawn and messiah.  Welcome, time-spanned soul...  Welcome... to your destiny...
[ Soul Reaver 2]- All great movements require a few martyrs.

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