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Nosgoth is a gothic realm which serves as the setting for the Legacy of Kain series. During the events of Blood Omen, the world had a diverse landscape with beautiful mountains, green forests and  rivers running everywhere. The weather in early Nosgoth can be described as being temperate with frequent rain and clouds. Humans are the dominant species at this time, with only a few surviving Vampires. A prominent feature throughout Nosgoth are the ancient vampiric monuments. At every turn, you can find a relic of the old Vampire race who were the dominant species for eons before being wiped out by the Sarafan crusades.

However, about 1500 years in the future ( in Soul Reaver), much has changed. Due to Kain's corruption, the land has become barren and lifeless.  There are few signs of plant life and all the ancient monuments are in ruins. The climate has become dry and cold. A whole new breed of Vampires have taken over the land and there are only a few settlements of humanity left in the world. Kain's various vampire clans have created death furnaces, giving out black smoke which has blocked out the sun and poisoned the land and the waters.


Pillars of Nosgoth

Pillars of Nosgoth
Created by the Ancient Vampire race, the Pillars of Nosgoth are connected to all life in Nosgoth and are a center piece of the story. The Pillars are watched over by the Circle of Nine, bound at birth to protect and serve the Pillars. The nine Pillars represent Mind, Dimension, Conflict, Nature, Energy, Time, States, Death and finally at the center, binding them all together, Balance. The Pillar's true purpose is a prison, to hold the Hylden back in the demon dimension and save Nosgoth from their corruption

The Pillars choose their Guardian at birth. After the ancient were afflicted with the vampire curse, ancients (or vampires now) were no longer born. This meant they had to rely on human Guardianship. Using necromancy, the ancients converted these human Guardians to vampires after a certain age. This changed when Moebius and Mortanius revolted and refused the dark gift. This act of betrayal set history in motion, as the feud between vampires and humans was born. Centuries would pass as the ancient history turned into myth and was ultimately lost. The humans thought the Pillars belonged to them and set out slaughtering vampires to cleanse the land. Ironically, the humans were killing the architects of the very Pillars they were sworn to protect.

Kain was born to be the Scion of Balance, the one who would return the Pillars to vampire guardianship. But due to Moebius's trickery, he was left with an impossible choice of either the vampire race or saving the Pillars. When Kain refused the sacrifice at the end of Blood Omen, he condemned the Pillars to an eternity of decay.This shattered the Pillar bindings as the Hylden were released and the resulting corruption spread throughout Nosgoth. Kain would use the ruins of the Pillars as his throne as the world slowly died over the next millennium.

Sarafan Keep
Sarafan Keep

The Sarafan Keep serves as a stronghold for the Brotherhood and their crusade against the vampires. The Keep has many murals depicting the Sarafan's heroism and the evil deeds of vampires.The Keep contains many items of great value and importance. It was used to store the "Heart of Darkness" and the "Soul Reaver". Underneath the Keep, there are a series of time chambers which Moebius uses to travel through time. The Keep was home to the Circle of the Nine and also the scene of their murder by Vorador in the first game.    

Raziel looks on as Avernus burns

Avernus Cathedral

Though it gets little time in the games, Avernus is one of the most important locations in Nosgoth. It was home to Azimuth, the Guardian of the Pillar of Dimension. The cathedral consists of multiple portals which acted like doorways to the demon dimension. When released, the demons laid waste to the land of Avernus but the cathedral was mysteriously left alone. On the outside, it served as a temple but beneath the outer structure lay a series of catacombs which lead to a place of a second, much darker religion.This was the home of the demon god Hash'ak'gik, who was brought here from the future by Azimuth. There are many murals inside the catacombs, depicting the war between the Vampires and the Hylden. This cathedral was the scene of the final battle between Kain and Raziel.

Vorador's Mansion

Vorador's Mansion

This is the home of the elusive vampire, Vorador.  Having suffered much at the hands of men, he became reclusive by hiding in his mansion. Vorador had many brides and children who stayed with him in here. He used a secret chamber in this mansion to store the body of his sire, Janos Audron.

Kain explores the Vampire Citadel

Vampire Citadel

An ancient citadel of the Vampire race, long ago defiled and abandoned. This fortress endured through centuries of war between the Vampire and the Hylden. The Ancients resided here and oversaw the summoning of the pillars from the citadel's top chamber. It holds many dark, hidden secrets of the old race. In Defiance, its a place of revelations for both Kain and Raziel .

Lake of the Dead
Lake of the Dead

The Lake of the Dead is a large watermass near the Pillars of Nosgth. To vampires, the touch of water is like acid and it burns through them therefore these cliffs are used by the vampires to punish their traitors and the weaklings. At the start of Soul Reaver, Raziel was thrown into the lake for his "betrayal".

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