Free Weekend on Steam

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MNC is free for the weekend on Steam, I suggest checking it out if you've not played it before, or if you play it already on the 360.  I started on the 360 version but I actually really prefer it on PC, over 100 hours since they launched the beta.  If you're new try playing on one of the rating restricted servers so you don't get owned by experienced players right off the bat.

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It is? I don't see any promo anywhere and the page is the same. Them time-zones man. 
Fuck year, downloading now. 

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I actually really fancy playing this. Might give it a blast and buy it if it suits.

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Is there something wrong with the server browser? I'm joining almost full servers but they turn out to be empty.

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I recommend anyone interested to check this game out.  And don't let the first few games discourage you, it has a learning curve. Don't go into this game thinking it's a deathmatch or wanting to backstab people as the assassin. Go into this game thinking it's DoTa or a versus tower defense game. If you play it that way, kill bots, help the team, and focus on the objective rather than focusing on killing other players, you will have more success and it will be less frustrating to you that way.

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Thx for letting me know, been wanting to try it 
Btw, can you earn Steam achievements on free weekends?

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Does it start saturday or is it already up?

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I would love to try this, but my steam isn't working.

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My Boot Camp partition is pretty full. Guess I won't be playing.

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the couple times I tried booting it up, it wouldn't go.

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