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I've had MNC since release but my friend just picked it up over Christmas and every time we play, it's just a camp fest and we get raped. 
We usually start off playing some Blitz and that's all fun and good. Then we decide to jump into some Crossfire and it's just a huge camp fest and we get ripped to shreds before we have a chance to do anything. The times that we do win, I notice that we just make it to their base first and camp them. But that's not really how I want to play. I really like the game. I want to be able to play it without being so disgruntled.
Anyone have any tips for actually being useful? Some good custom classes? I like to play Support, Assault or Gunner.

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1. Push bots.
2. Destroy turrets.
3. Push bots.
4. Win.

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A personal favorite setup for my gunner is having sponsors in this order: Rate of fire, Armor and Accuracy. For maximum kill-iency (see what I did there?) focus your efforts on upping your gunner skill to 3 right out of the gate.

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