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Everyone knows its a TF2 clone, but i don't care

 I said it in the title, its a TF2 clone. With a mix of DOTA and and generic third person shooter. But it is still a good game, it has a very cartoonish look that works for the game. The shooting is satisfying although incomprehensible at the start you slowly get the knack for it, (side note: if 2 people are shooting at each other in this game they can both die at the same time, which is awesome) and the melee is nice and fluid but it does take some time to get used to the minor delay for the animation. 
This game is class based and the six classes are as follows : 
Assault: think bad company assault
Tank: think heavy in TF2 with jet pack and a jet engine for a weapon
Support: a mix between medic and engineer in TF2
Assassin: spy, plain and simple, although a little faster
Heavy: a heavy from TF2
Sniper: Same as TF2 but with traps he can set
 You have the COD "urge" while playing, you know the feeling. you clearly have something to do somewhere to be and you just wanna squeeze one more round out. 
Speaking of rounds there are 2 main map types: Blitz (both online multiplayer and local) and Crossfire
In Blitz you are defending against waves upon waves (or how many you choose to set)of enemies come at you with the sole objective of killing you and that ball your supposed to protect. It turns into tower defense and tower management at higher levels because the enemies start coming at you from every direction. This is where the max number 4 person multiplayer comes in handy, each person takes a door and you just survive. Its horde... with towers, leveling up towers, and dropping coins.
The next mode is Crossfire. This is an online adversary mode where each team is trying to protect their "Money Ball" (the treasure/base/control point/ thing you must destroy) which you must lead you robots toward to help you take it out. This is where the killing of other heros with help you but is not the main point of this mode, you want to kill that ball thing. You can upgrade towers like in blitz, but now they attack the opposite team. Each character upgrades with monetary funds and slowly gets better. If no one gets destroyed in the time limit they commence SUDDEN DEATH MODE. Which pretty much involves one person going cross map and oping the thing. (using his own characters powers to man handle the objective). This mode is the best part of the package and the most fun. You want to just keep playing and become attached to the game. 
In all this is a very good game for the 17$ CAN price tag. It was a great waste of a day off and sucked me in good. The game could use some very minor balancing and assassin should get an auto kill from behind no matter what class. The announcer is repetitive and over the top. ( i ended up just putting music on and turned the sound down) But past minor complaints this game is really well made and fun. This could possibly appeal to those who normally do not play FPS/TPS. A game that is simple, yet hard to master and i repeat, a LOT OF FUN. Don't treat it as a serious shooter or action game because it sure doesn't.


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