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Combat for the whole week

Monday Night Combat takes multiplayer action to the next level. its smart class system and game modes make it an obvious choice for gamers looking for that next challenge on the XBLA. Monday Night Combat drops you into a tutorial right off the bat to let you know whats going on. you will play as a soldier here, but there are actually 6 classes for you to choose from. From an Assassin (my personal favorite) to a Support Character (Who helps repair robots and can heal you and your teammates), all styles of gameplay are catered to here. What i find awesome in this game is that all of these classes have 3 special moves that can be upgraded throughout each round you play, making each stronger or faster on the draw. Using these in tandem can be deadly for your opponent, but deadly for you as well. Each class has something to counter the other (The assassin's favorite target is arguably the support, because he is usually healing standing still, but if he sees you, he has a deadly shotgun ready for your head). Each class also has a deadly melee attack when you get too close, and the animation for each is just a joy to watch when you pull it off successfully. The Main mode (Moneyball) is a great time waster and can last you for hours. It really doesnt get old. Do yourself a favor and spend the $15 for this game. you wont be dissapointed.

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