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A Beginners Review for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 0

If you are reading this review, odds are you know quite a bit more about video games than most people. Actively seeking out information about a specific video game shows you have knowledge on the subject. By calling this a beginners review, I mean it's for a beginner to Monster Hunter itself. Monster Hunter is one of the largest series in Japan but sells relatively few copies in America for several reasons and among those are how unfriendly the game is to beginners of the series. There are many...

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is the best entry in the franchise. 0

The Monster Hunter franchise is one of the more polarising games when considering the differences in tastes of the Japanese and Western video game market. There are a multitude of reasons about why it is so popular in the East compared to the first-person shooter fuelled market of the West, but one issue that I can speak about is that fans of the series have had a painful wait for this next instalment to arrive in the UK. It didn’t help that Capcom was quiet about information to the point of bor...

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9 Hours in and hooked 0

I'm not proceeding at the same pace as Patrick, clearly, but I'm really enjoying my Monster Hunting. It's not as complex as I was led to believe, this version of the game does provide a lot of explanation and the quests lead you by the hand as the difficulty starts to ramp up. I'd encourage anyone who has enjoyed the Pokémon series to give it a try. As well as a full on crafting, farming and battle system it's also charming and funny in places and I think it'll be great when I get together with...

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