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119523 TechiesRobo Game Releases 07/04/14 02:29AM 22 Approved
69008 Aikamoista80 Game Guide 11/17/13 12:30AM 130 Approved
55214 rempresent Game Guide Started to create the table for the item combinations that are essential for use in the game. 09/05/13 09:31PM 122 Approved
55207 rempresent Game Overview Basic grammar edits, cleaned up some of the dates (removing "ths"), formatting. 09/05/13 08:54PM 3 Approved
27227 Flappybat Game Guide Starter guide 05/03/13 10:09AM 250 Approved
25521 Flappybat Game Overview Updated overview to reflect patch for multiplayer cross region play. 04/26/13 04:03PM 8 Approved
24455 Flappybat Game Guide 04/22/13 04:49AM 1 Denied
22675 Hichael Game Overview Big edit, adding more next time. 04/14/13 11:19PM 275 Approved
17729 DeF Game Overview 8-4, LTd. localization details added 03/29/13 04:01AM 10 Approved
16216 dungbootle Game Overview 03/23/13 12:38AM 1 Approved
15620 TheeGravedigger Game Overview Just adding the size of the download since I wondered and it wasn't listed. 03/21/13 12:00AM 2 Approved
15615 ReCkLeSs_X Game Overview 03/20/13 10:49PM 1 Approved
15166 DeF New Release 03/19/13 12:39PM 7 Approved
15164 DeF Game Releases 03/19/13 12:38PM 10 Approved
10185 daedelus Game Overview added clarification about the wacky 3DS online set up 03/02/13 03:03PM 16 Approved
9596 DeF Game Overview upcoming patch details, cross region mp, off-tv play 02/28/13 08:23AM 33 Approved
7787 Jagged85 Game Overview 02/23/13 10:11AM 11 Approved
7120 rpwll Game Overview Added some notes about multiplayer 02/21/13 09:22PM 14 Approved
7115 bobafettjm Game Overview Added some concepts. 02/21/13 09:09PM 13 Approved
3786 daedelus Game Overview 02/16/13 03:27PM 10 Approved

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