owennerd's Mount & Blade: Warband (PC) review

The replayability of this game is astounding

Mount and Blade games are great for really making you feel a tiny part of a large single player world, and Warband is by far the most polished version of that you can find. Start from nothing, or choose to start as a noble, work your way from a small group leader to an important vassal of a powerful nation, turning the game from being about survival to being about politics. You can truly do anything the game can do at any time, there are almost no restrictions, the only issue being status/power. The game doesn't look that good, but it also can have up to 300 people on the screen at once fighting. The fighting mechanics are the reason I found the game, the ability to attack up/down/left/right and block in all those directions as well, footwork and speed of the blade being a part of damage, and the type of weapon all coming in to play on how much damage you do on an enemy makes each fight feel like you're really controlling your character in these large, medieval battles.

This game is definitely worth a purchase, especially with all the complete overhaul mods which change the setting and game entirely. Mods are very easy to install and can get selected before the game is launched, allowing you to have a game that spans from one setting to another with a few clicks. I can't recommend this game enough, I have hundreds of hours on it and still want to play more.


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