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Charles Montgomery Burns is the richest man in all of Springfield. He runs the Springfield Nuclear Power plant and is Homer Simpson's boss. Mr. Burns' exact age is unknown and tends to change randomly, but he is believed to be over a hundred years old. Mr. Burns is a very greedy and selfish old man who often expresses contempt for his employees and those who surround him. He occasionally enters into other industries such as the news media or public transit with the intention of buying out the competition or crushing them under his empire.

Burns has little concern for the environment or the damage his plant does to the town. He ran for governor with the intent of loosening environmental laws so he could continue polluting as he pleased but lost when he failed to eat a piece of one of the mutated fish that resulted from his waste dumping. He was caught placing nuclear waste in the local park, which was causing the trees he was stashing the barrels in to grow tentacles, and the squirrels that lived in

Mr. Burns's Nuclear Power Plant

them to develop laser vision. At one point he built a device to block out the sun itself so that people would use more of his electricity. He has demonstrated to have lived most of his life without any knowledge of the concept of "recycling." He did reform and build a recycling plant, but it was then revealed that he was using it to build a net that swept the ocean bare.

Living in a giant ocean side mansion, Mr. Burns has few close friends. His most notable companion is his manservant Waylon Smithers, who has been suggested to have a sexual attraction to Burns which Burns himself is unaware of (though he may be beginning to suspect it). Smithers is almost always found next to Burns' side, and is willing to sacrifice his own well-being and even his life to serve him. Despite his grumpy and often hostile behavior Mr. Burns and Smithers can often be seen together in crowds of townspeople. He sometimes admits to enjoying the company of other people at sporting events. He also expresses love for his teddy bear Bobo, who he had lost for decades. Burns has occasionally made romantic gestures, he once made ovations to Marge Simpson but ended up being rejected and almost charged with sexual harassment. He also nearly married her mother before the ceremony was broken up by Abraham Simpson. His most recent romance was with a female police officer named Gloria, who he nearly proposed to before she left him for her ex-boyfriend Snake.

Burns' catchphrase is "excellent," which is spoken whenever something goes as he wishes it to. He normally forms a triangle with his fingers when he says this.

In Simpsons' video games he usually acts as an antagonist. In The Simpsons: Road Rage his nuclear-powered buses are causing havoc throughout the town, so the various townspeople had band together to create their own public transit system to stop him. In The Simpsons Hit&Run he was believed to be the original cause of the black vans and cameras that were spying on the town.

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