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Not Your Usual Adventure Game

Back in '93, this was a game bursting with beautiful graphics. The world was lonely but had a really solid feel to each of the five Ages. Personally the main source for excitement was being able to play a full-blown PC game on a Macintosh, for once.

Although the game had a simple layout the puzzles in each of the Ages were surprisingly difficult, sometimes feeling nearly impossible when tied in with the fact the player was thrown into it all with no explanation or tutorials. The little guidance given through hints specific to whichever age the player is in at the moment might not be enough for the average to low level gamer, because of how much critical thinking putting everything together required.

Besides the rigid, set movement range of 90 degree turns, and no camera movement for cutscenes/animations, this game still stands as a great example of one of the best adventure games created so far.

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