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NBA Jam 2000 is a game that was released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64. The game's focus was all about realism and detail. The moves in the game are motion-captured based on Xavier McDaniels, offering smooth animations of 800 moves, including defensive grabs, push-offs, post-ups, and picks. Each of the hundreds of players is rendered with realistic facial features and signature moves. In addition there are over 200 categories of stats, detailed team management options--including the ability to draft, trade, sign, and release players--and improved replay options with multiple camera angles.


The roster information was accurate as of October 16, 1999. Tim Duncan is the best overall rated player in the game with a rating of 99. 


2 on 2 "throwback" includes 50 dunk styles and special effects.
5 on 5 simulation mode where each team displays its signature power plays such as the Bulls' "Triangle Defense".     


According to Acclaim in 1999,  NBA JAM 2000 was supported by a multi-million dollar television, radio, online and in-store marketing campaign and was considered a key title in the popular Acclaim Sports brand including All-Star Baseball, NFL Quarterback Club, WWF Attitude and Jeremy McGrath SuperCross

Popular Culture

In certain subcultures, the phrases "He's heating up" and "He's on fire" have entered into common usage. The phrases, as in the game, are used to (self) describe someone doing something successfully twice or thrice respectively.

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