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NCAA 12 Football Review (8.5 out of 10) 0

As a longtime college football fan, I fully embraced my local college team. Painting myself in blue and yellow and watching games, the Cal Bears running out of Memorial Stadium became a ritual on Saturdays for me. If you are like me, then these are the memories that stick with you and that’s what NCAA Football 12 is. This is developer EA Tiburon's latest stab at taking one of America's favorite pastimes and turning it into something you play on your console. NCAA Football 12 hits the field runni...

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NCAA Football 11: Director's Cut 1

Reviewer's Note: This review is regarding the Xbox 360 version of the game. I have no experience whatsoever with the PS3 version and have no plans to do so.At three in the morning I was hit by a wild wave of deja-vu: wasn't I playing the exact same game in the exact same manner last year? Maybe I was up too late and I was merely delusional, so I slept on it, thinking about this preposition. When it comes down to it, this game is basically NCAA Football 11: Director's Cut, it adds very little in ...

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Solid Effort 0

Another year, another NCAA football title. Now, admittedly, it would be hard for EA to make me hate a college football game, but this game actually was somewhat less enjoyable than last season.  I've played all of the titles thus far and have thoroughly enjoyed them. Even though they tend to use an updated version of the prior Madden engine, the atmosphere of college football is second to none and even coming close is usually more than enough to make the game a joy to play. This season's iterati...

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NCAA Football 12 Review 0

It is another year and EA has pumped out another, updated version, of their game NCAA Football. In this one you'll of course expect to have superior play from last year, and of course the updated rosters for all the teams. There will of course be the online play, dynasty mode, mascot match-up, and Road to Glory mode for you to play around with.Graphically this game is on par with all the previous titles, and you can easily see that the game's developers still don't give a hoot about the crowd as...

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Do not buy-middle finger to EA 1

Bottom line-this game is a fail.  Let me explain I know they weren't going to reinvent the game of football or have a brand new NCAA football game for us.  But you would think that the least they could do is not make a game worse or of less quality.  The game feels like it was released YEARS ago when the 360 just came out.  It would have been better if they just updated the rosters and left it.   My biggest dissapointment is in the graphics.  They players look like like garbage.  The crowd is ju...

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